Five Signs Your Eaves Need Repair or Replacement

The eaves are the edges of your roof, and are therefore an important part of the roof to maintain. They consist of three components – fascia, which are the outward facing boards, soffits, which are the underside of the eaves, and the vents, which aid attic airflow and are located on the soffits. If your eaves are damaged, repair or replacement is a must.  1. Soft Wood If the wood is swollen or soft enough to dent with a fingernail, the board needs to be replaced.

Four Ways To Mitigate Snow And Ice Build Up On Metal Roofs

Although ice dams are not as big of an issue on metal roofs when compared to asphalt shingles, they can still happen. Ice and snow buildup can result in damage, particularly along the eaves of a metal roof. The snow can also lead to icicles, which can pose a danger if they fall on things or people below. 1. Minimize Valleys Ice dams and compressed snow are more likely to collect in the valleys of a metal roof.

Algae On The Roof: A Problem You Should Address

Does your roof have black streaks running down it? Most people just assume this is staining from nails or the roofing material, but actually, it’s algae. You most often see algae on tile roofs, but it can appear on a roof made from shingles or wood shakes, too. Regardless of what your roof is made from, it’s a good idea to pursue algae removal. Here’s a look at why and how you can go about this.

Five Types of Hidden Damage From A Leaky Roof

A leaking roof is more than just a nuisance. The damage caused by the leak can spread much further than just the roof itself. The entire structure of your home, as well as the health of your family, could be at risk if the leak isn’t addressed promptly. 1. Structural Damage Water leaks do more damage than just to the roof and the attic insulation. Persistent leaks that aren’t addressed for a long time can cause major structural damage to roof trusses, ceiling and wall drywall, and even the supports for your wall.