4 Reasons To Choose Fiber Cement For Your Siding Replacement

If it's time for new home siding, you may be wondering if you should keep your vinyl or aluminum siding, or if it's time to upgrade to something better. Fiber cement siding might be a good choice. Fiber cement is a popular type of siding because it is so durable and easy to maintain. Here are four benefits of putting this type of siding on your home.

1. Fiber Cement Protects Your Home From Pests

Fiber cement might look similar to wood siding, but it's made from cellulose fibers, sand, and cement. Because of the sand and cement mixture, the siding doesn't attract pests, such as rodents, woodpeckers, or insects.

This reduces the risk of termite damage, rats gnawing on the siding, or woodpeckers making holes in your house. Since the pests aren't drawn to fiber cement, and they have no interest in pecking or gnawing on it, there's less risk of the pests getting inside your home.

2. The Siding Protects Your Home From Fire

An important reason to choose fiber cement for your siding replacement is because of the fire protection it offers. Fiber cement is fire resistant, so it doesn't add fuel to a fire and make the fire worse like wood siding does.

It also doesn't melt like vinyl siding does. Instead, it protects your home from fire and may provide you with the crucial time window you need to extinguish the flames before a lot of damage is done.

3. Fiber Cement Siding Lasts A Long Time

Fiber cement is one of the longest lasting siding materials. If you plan to stay in your home and age in place, you may want siding you won't have to replace in your golden years.

Fiber cement siding could be the last siding you have to replace on your home. Even though it might cost more upfront, it may be a better financial option over time if it saves you from having to put new siding on once you're retired and on a fixed income.

4. The Siding Is Easy To Maintain

Fiber cement might get damaged in a bad storm, but it won't need much in the way of routine maintenance since it is so durable and it resists damage. You won't have to paint it, but you may want to wash it occasionally to get rid of dust and stains.

Fiber cement siding should hold its good looks for many years without the need to constantly fuss over it, and that could be an important consideration if you're not fond of home maintenance chores.

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