Five Types of Hidden Damage From A Leaky Roof

A leaking roof is more than just a nuisance. The damage caused by the leak can spread much further than just the roof itself. The entire structure of your home, as well as the health of your family, could be at risk if the leak isn't addressed promptly.

1. Structural Damage

Water leaks do more damage than just to the roof and the attic insulation. Persistent leaks that aren't addressed for a long time can cause major structural damage to roof trusses, ceiling and wall drywall, and even the supports for your wall. Water can leak into the electrical system and cause shorts and other issues. The longer the leaks aren't addressed, the more severe the damage can be. Eventually, major restoration work will be needed instead of just a simple roof repair or replacement.

2. Roof Collapse

Leaking roofs often become heavy roofs as the roofing materials begin to absorb water. Combine this additional weight with the weakening of trusses and supports as they succumb to water damage, and you can have a major risk for roof collapse. Roof collapse often happens in winter, when heavy snow loads combined with a damaged roof become too much for rotting trusses and joists to support.

3. Mold Growth

Water in the home creates the perfect environment for mold growth. When a roof leaks, the water tends to collect in attic insulation. Damp insulation can provide the ideal medium for massive amounts of mold, but the mold can also spread to wooden supports and neighboring drywall or plaster. Mold can cause respiratory distress in both healthy people and those with compromised respiratory health.

4. Pest Invasions

Leaks don't just happen, there is nearly always some sort of damage involved. The damage could be as severe as a roof puncture or as mild as a missing or weakened shingle. Certain pests, like rodents, birds, insects, and raccoons can then access the attic through the damaged section of the roof. Pests can spread disease, chew through wiring, and cause other types of severe damage if they gain access to your home.

5. Energy Costs

A leak in the roof doesn't just let water in, it can also let heat out in winter or cool air out in the summer. This will lead to higher energy usage, which is bad for both the environment and your wallet. A repair will cost much less in the long run compared to the higher energy costs of ignoring the problem.

If your roof is leaking, don't delay. Contact a roof professional like one at The Roof Doctor before the damage gets too severe.