Planning On Replacing Your Roof? Here Are 3 Reasons Why A Stamped Metal Roof Is A Great Choice

If you're thinking about replacing your roof soon and want a long-lasting option, then a stamped metal roof is a good choice. These roofs are made from small metal panels that are folded by a machine during the manufacturing process to give them more texture than flat metal panels. The panels slide into each other and lock together, providing a tight fit that resists high wind and heavy rain. To learn three reasons why a stamped metal roof can be a great choice for your next roof, read on.

1. Stamped Metal Roofs Can Be Manufactured to Look Like a Shingle, Tile, or Shake Roof

A unique feature of stamped metal roofing is that the panels can be manufactured to look like a course of shingles, tiles, or shakes. When a stamped metal roof is installed, the panels will be staggered in much the same way that roofers stagger courses of tiles and shakes to give the roof more texture. You have a wide variety of options when you choose a stamped metal roof, such as making it look like slate tiles or aged cedar shakes.

If all of your neighbors have shingle, tile, or shake roofs, you can choose a stamped metal roof in this style so that your roof blends in with theirs. This is a major advantage if you live in a restrictive homeowners association that prohibits traditional metal roofing because it would stand out. They're more likely to allow a stamped metal roof that matches the rest of the homes in the neighborhood.

2. Stamped Metal Roofs Reflect Sunlight, Keeping It Cool

Metal roofing in general can help increase the energy efficiency of your home, and stamped metal roofing is no different. It naturally reflects a large portion of sunlight that hits the roof, which helps keep it cool during the summer. A cool roof won't heat up your attic and make your home hotter, which helps keep your energy bills lower during the hottest months of the year.

3. Stamped Metal Roofs Are Easy to Install Over an Existing Roof

Stamped metal roofing is a perfect candidate for installing over an existing roof. The small panels can easily be fastened to your roof deck through your existing roof. Tearing a roof off and hauling it away is a large part of the installation costs of replacing a roof, and being able to bypass that part of installation by installing the metal panels directly to your roof can help you save a significant amount of money.

Overall, the primary advantage of stamped metal roofing is the wide variety of styles available to you. If you need to match your neighbor's roofs or if you just think a certain style would best fit the exterior of your home, you can have a stamped metal roof installed that looks like asphalt shingles, slate tiles, or cedar shakes. You'll have a durable roof that helps make your home cooler in the summer. If you feel that a stamped metal roof would be a good fit for your home, call a metal roof installation service in your area and ask about the various styles and colors that they can install. 

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