When Do You Need A Contractor To Fix Your Slate Roof?

If you have a slate roof, you probably chose the material because of its unique benefits. Slate doesn't absorb water quickly, can withstand environmental elements, and looks great. Although this material is durable, it may need some repairs over time. These repairs are due to the environmental elements which cause gradual wear and tear. 

So when should you call a roof repair pro to fix the slate roof? Below are telltale signs you need repair services.

Slates are Missing

Roofing slate misplacement may occur when your area experiences extreme climatic conditions like strong winds, snow, heavy rain, or hail. The slates may slip slightly or go missing.

If you overlook this issue, elements like moisture will seep through the available openings and cause structural or property damage. Replacing or fixing the slates will ensure your roof's functionality isn't compromised.

The slates Do Not Align

Another issue you cannot ignore is slate misalignment. While this problem may not be as severe as missing slates, it will allow water and other elements to enter the house. 

Additionally, gaps created by misaligned slates become convenient entry points for pests. Pests cause property damage and expose house occupants to numerous health conditions. So, once you realize that some slates are misaligned, contact a roofer to restore the roofing tiles to their original position.

Slates Are Damaged

Experiencing adverse weather may also cause roofing slates to break. The tiles can bend, splinter, or break, particularly when they become soft. If you have a broken slate issue, contact a roofer right away. The roofer will perform an inspection to identify other damaged slates and replace them.

Nails Can't Hold Slates in Place

Previously, roofers used iron or low-quality steel nails to fix slates onto the roofing system. These nails decay or rust over the years and create a problem known as nail sickness. 

Nail sickness means many nails will wear simultaneously, leaving the slates unsecured. If this issue affects your roof, you'll need professional assistance immediately. The roofer will check the problem and make the necessary repairs.

They may unfasten all the slates and use quality nails to secure or replace the tiles and nails. The decision will depend on the extent of slate damage.

While it's evident that slate roofs are durable, there are instances when you may need repairs. Do not try to DIY when you see signs of slate deterioration. Instead, contact a roof repair company to learn more.