2 Optional Features To Consider When Selecting Asphalt Shingles For Your Home's New Roof

If you are preparing to replace your home's old roof, you may have opted to have a roofing system that uses shingles. Not only do shingles provide a variety of choices in styles and colors, but you may also have made the choice based on their economical cost, soundproofing, and energy-efficiency rating.

While basic shingles do provide these benefits, you can also look for ones that have optional features that enhance their value and usefulness. Below are a couple of optional features you may want to consider discussing with a roofing contractor when making a decision on the types of asphalt shingles you want to be installed for your home's new roof.

1. Impact-rated Shingles Are Able to Resist Damage from Hailstone Strikes and Small Falling Branches

One feature that you may want to consider when choosing shingles for your home is the ability to resist impact damage. This feature is especially useful if you live in an area that is prone to severe storms.

Impact-rated shingles are reinforced to be able to resist damage caused by strikes from such things as hailstones and small falling branches. Even when struck by these objects, the shingles are not dented or cracked, keeping them in one piece and minimizing storm damage.

2. Algae-resistant Shingles Have a Built-in Inhibitor That Keeps Blue-green Algae from Taking Root and Spreading

Another feature you may want to consider is useful if your house is in a shaded area that is subjected to high humidity. In these conditions, blue-green algae can grow on your roof, making it unsightly and keeping the shingles wet and more prone to deterioration.

If this situation describes your area, you may want to select algae-resistant shingles. These types of shingles have a built-in inhibitor that keeps the algae from taking root in the shingles as well as preventing the growth's spread across the roof.

When selecting shingles for your home's new roof, consider adding features that will be beneficial for the area in which you live. You can pick shingles that are impact- and/or algae-resistant to help prevent damage and growth that can lessen the longevity of your roof. There are also other features that are available, such as shingles resistant to fire and wind, that you can discuss with the contractor. Speak with a roofer to learn more about available options and features you can select when having a new asphalt shingle roof installed on your house.