What To Do About Repairing Roof Storm Damage

Our roofs are built to protect our homes from the elements. It's natural that they sometimes take a beating when a particularly fierce storm blows through. When the storm causes severe damage, you need to address the problem and have it repaired as quickly as possible so that bigger problems don't arise later. Here's how to proceed after a damaging storm.

Document the Damage

The first step in the process of getting your roof repaired is documenting all damage. As best you can with the equipment you have available, take pictures of all the damage after the storm so that you can document it for your own records for insurance purposes. If conditions are unsafe, don't get up on your roof. Document as best you can without endangering yourself. However, if you can safely proceed, it's best to have as thorough documentation as possible.

Call Your Insurance

Once you have recorded the damage, call your homeowner's insurance company and submit a claim. If possible, schedule an appointment with an insurance adjuster so he or she can examine the damage and determine how to proceed.

Ask for a Contractor List

If the adjuster determines that you should proceed with repairs, you should ask for a list of your insurance company's approved contractors. With some insurance companies, if you choose a contractor that isn't approved, you may have to submit your claim after the fact and the insurance company has the power to deny your claim.

Vet Contractor List

Never call the first name on your insurance company's list of contractors. Start vetting each company first. A quick internet search can give you an idea of the company's reputation based on Google reviews and Better Business Bureau reviews. A proactive company that cares about its reputation will respond to both negative and positive reviews. You can also ask each company for references you can call. Make sure the company you choose has the correct license based on your state requirements and also both liability and worker's compensation insurance.

Schedule Contractor Assessment

Once you've vetted your list of roofing contractors that specialize in storm damage repairs, you can schedule an appointment. The contractor will look at the damage and determine if repairs are possible or if re-roofing is the only option and provide you with a quote to give to your insurance. Once you have the insurance approval, you can then schedule with your contractor. Make sure to save all receipts in case there are conflicts with the insurance company claim later on.

For more information, contact a storm damage roof repair service near you.