4 Commercial Flat Roof Maintenance Tips

Flat roofs can serve you for decades with the appropriate maintenance. So, ensure you keep your roof safe from neglect to prevent frequent repairs and premature replacement. Here are four tips to guide your journey to a long-term commercial flat roofing service life.

1. Ensure Proper Operations of Drainage Systems

Clear out debris from your gutters, scuppers, and regular drains to enhance the free flow of water. Not cleaning your drains can cause snow or water to stagnate on your commercial flat roof. As a result, your roof weakens and becomes vulnerable to water-related damage. 

Further, locate the source of any water pools on your roof. For example, the pools could be because your building's drainage has hitches that clog your gutters. If your gutters face frequent clogs, hire a commercial roofer to install a new system.

2. Clear Water Ponds

Ponds occur when rain or snow saturates your roof and leaves water on low-roof areas. Failure to resolve the problem causes severe structural damage, such as cracks and blisters. In worse cases, the water could cause a complete commercial flat roof failure.

The solution to ponds depends on the location of the problem. For instance, if the water forms at the edges, commercial roofers install hoppers to collect the excess water. On the other hand, if the problem happens at your roof's center, they install an automatic pump to control the water. However, roofers build up lower flat roof areas as an ideal and permanent solution for water ponding.

3. Establish a Maintenance Plan

Preventive maintenance can help you detect issues before the problem becomes catastrophic. Nonetheless, you may not be qualified to do a detailed inspection. So, you need professional commercial flat roof contractors to identify issues that escape your eye. 

Also, some warranties become void when your commercial flat roof leaks. A professional maintenance plan keeps your roof safe and in shape for warranties. Besides, your roofers advise you on your day-to-day activities that could ruin your commercial flat roof and offer alternative solutions.

4. Be Careful With Pressure Washing

A pressure washer is a convenient method to access all parts of your roof during cleanup. Nonetheless, you only prevent damage if you use the right setting. To enhance effectiveness, you'll need to determine the pressure setting that works with your roof membrane. 

The water can seep into your commercial flat roof underlay if you use too much pressure. The trapped moisture causes structural damage, insect infestation, and mold growth over time. If you need help cleaning your roof, hire roofing contractors who have the right equipment and solutions for a gentle cleanup.

Flat roof maintenance takes your effort and that of professionals. Nonetheless, if your commercial flat roof is hard to access, let the roofing contractors handle most of the work. Finally, even if you already have a maintenance plan, consult professional roofers such as CB Chandler Roofing if you notice signs of damage.