Maintenance Tips For A Flat Commercial Roof

When you own a large commercial building with an expansive flat roof, you'll want to keep up with maintenance to protect your investment. A new roof costs a lot of money, so you want your roof to last as long as possible. You'll probably want a commercial roofer to inspect your roof at least a couple of times a year and more if bad storms roll through. Here are some maintenance tips for your flat roof.

Have The Roof Cleaned When Needed

If trees hang over part of your building, you'll need to clear leaves away since they can't roll off a flat roof. You may even want to have trees removed or trimmed back so they aren't too close to your roof and become a constant nuisance. Cleaning away leaves also includes keeping the leaves out of your drain grates and gutters.

You may have snow to contend with in the winter. If you have a large snowfall, you might need to have the snow removed to prevent water damage and damage from the excess weight of the snow.

Have Seams And Protrusions Checked Regularly

Seams can be weak spots for membrane roofing. If the adhesive that joins seams together starts to deteriorate, the seams could work loose and let rain under the membrane. Protrusions are also a point for concern on a flat roof. These should be surrounded with flashing to prevent leaking, but it's still a good idea to check these areas carefully and repair them when damage is found. Making repairs to your flat roof promptly can extend its life and prevent water damage to your building.

Put Walking Mats On The Roof

You need to control foot traffic on your roof, yet you need to let the HVAC contractor have access, and you may want your maintenance crew to make frequent checks for roof damage. Talk to your commercial roofer about putting walking mats on the roof to reduce the risk of damage from foot traffic.

Add A Coating For Protection

Commercial roofers sometimes add a roof coating to get more years from a flat roof. However, if you intend to do this, the deck of your roof has to be in good shape. It can't have a lot of water damage. Your roofer has to recommend a good time to apply the coating, which would be when your roof is of advanced age but before it has too many problems with moisture.

Proper roof maintenance helps you postpone a roof replacement for as long as possible. You'll eventually need a new roof, but if you keep your old roof in good shape, your roofer might put the new roof over your old one and save you some money on a new roof.

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