How To Address Roof Damage If You Can't Afford An Immediate Replacement

When you can't afford to get your roof replaced when it needs to be, there are still ways you can prepare for getting it replaced eventually while taking mitigating steps in the meantime. These steps can help prevent any further weather damage to your home and help you find ways to save money when eventually taking care of your much-needed repairs.

Get Multiple Inspections

When you're facing potentially serious damage, it can help to be sure of just what you're dealing with. Getting multiple inspections can help you do this. Since inspections will likely result in recommendations for how to address the damage and bids on roof repair work, approach the process of ascertaining the extent of the damage the same way you would seeking multiple quotes for repairs. This has a few benefits: the first is that you'll be more confident that you know exactly what's wrong, and the second is that you'll already be making progress on looking for which contractor you'd like to complete your repair or replacement.

Make Some Repairs Immediately

Even when you can't afford to get your roof completely replaced, some repairs are better than none. With any roof damage that allows water to leak inside, your primary goal no matter what should be to prevent as much damage as possible. This means that temporarily patching something up will save you from weather damage to the inside of your home even if this means you're putting a little more money into your roof in the meantime. Avoid putting off repairs if you aren't able to get it all done at once, as preventative repairs can still go a long way.

Contact Insurance

Contacting your insurance company is a good way to potentially reduce some of your repair costs. Depending on what caused the damage, your insurance company might help cover the cost of replacement for you. However, you can look beyond just the cost of roof replacement here. Even if your insurance company won't help pay for the replacement itself, they might help you cover repairs caused by water damage from your leaking roof. If you find yourself needing to make any home repairs that came from leaks, talk to your insurance about this as well, since this could be considered separate from the cost of the roof by itself.

Explore Payment Options

There are all sorts of ways to pay for a roof, and once you've taken mitigating measures, you can take advantage of this by exploring all possible options. Some of these options are:

It's a good idea to start this process as soon as you can. Applications can take time, and having as many results lined up as possible can help you choose the best possible financing option with terms and rates you can afford.