2 Benefits Of Having A Coating Applied To Your Commercial Building's Roof

When you own a commercial building, you already know that keeping the roof intact and in good shape is critical to maintaining the structure and keeping the interior free from water leakage and damage. Even if you feel that the roof is in good shape, there are a couple of benefits of taking the extra step in maintaining the roof by having a coating applied to the surface.

1. Helps to Prevent Damage and Other Types of Roofing Issues

One of the benefits of having a coating applied to your commercial building's roof is that the extra layer helps to prevent damage. It also helps to prevent other roofing issues that could arise, especially if the building is located in a high-moisture area that makes the roof prone to mold and mildew growth.

Even if the building's roof is constructed from high-quality materials, there is always the possibility that a storm could blow through and cause rips and tears in the surface. This would then lead to water leakage. 

And, if the roof has shaded areas and your area gets a lot of rain, mold and mildew could take root in the surface. Once the fungi start to grow, it could lead to a breakdown of the material.

However, if a coating made from foam or acrylic is applied, it adds a layer of protection that helps to keep physical damage and fungal growth at bay. If the coating is damaged, it can be more easily patched or redone than having to replace or repair the roof itself. 

2. Increases the Overall Energy Efficiency of the Building

Along with adding a protective layer to the roof, having a coating applied to the surface can also help to make the building itself more energy-efficient. Especially when a thick layer of foam coating is applied, the sun's raise are better blocked from the building, and the building's interior air does not escape as easily.

Because of this feature, after the coating is applied, you may find that it costs less to heat and air condition the building. Since the HVAC system does not have to keep compensating for air loss or radiant heat from the roof, it will run more efficiently.

Even if your building's roof is new or still in good condition, you can help to keep it that way with a coating that will not only prevent damage and fungal growth but also help make the interior of the building more energy-efficient. If you would like to learn more about the application process, contact a roofing company near you that offers services like roof coating.