4 Factors To Consider When Comparing Residential Roofing Choices

Several factors influence your choice of residential roofing. You might want to keep asphalt shingles if everyone else in your neighborhood has them or if they're required by your HOA. However, if you have the freedom to choose the type of residential roofing you like best, then you'll want to compare your choices to see what roof material is the best match for your home and your preferences. Here are four factors to consider.

1. The Type Of Architecture Your Home Has

If you have a luxury home, you may not want a casual metal roof or budget asphalt shingles. Luxury roofing, such as slate or clay tiles, might be more appropriate. If you have a cabin, metal roofing could be a good choice since a solid green, orange, or red roof would go well with a cabin setting. However, it's a matter of personal preference when it comes to the type of roof you like based on appearance. No matter what residential roofing you choose, it should blend in well with your home and surroundings.

2. The Type Of Climate You Live In

Clay tile roofing is a good match for a warm climate since tiles help keep your home a little cooler in the summer due to air circulation through the tiles. Metal might be the best choice if you live where droughts happen frequently and brush fires can occur. Metal is also good for snowy areas since snow slides off the roof rather than stacking up and adding weight. You'll probably want advice from a residential roofing contractor when you're looking for an energy-efficient type of roofing that's good for your local climate.

3. The Weight Of The Roofing

The weight of roofing materials varies. Metal is lightweight while clay tiles are heavy. The weight could make a difference in your roofing selection. Heavy roofing materials may weigh too much for your roof unless you add structural support before the roofing is put on. That may add too much to the cost of your roof. Older homes may be more likely to need support than newer homes, but you'll need to have your roof evaluated to see if it needs to be reinforced before putting on heavy roofing.

4. The Maintenance Needs Of The New Roof

Maintenance needs are often dependent upon the durability of the roof. You may need advice from a residential roofing contractor to choose the most durable roofing material for your environment. A roof in a hurricane-prone area may need a more durable roof than a home in a milder climate. Consider the amount of rain your area gets, the speed of high winds, and the amount of hail, and compare that to the ratings of the roofing materials. Some roofs are more durable than others, and that means they'll probably need less maintenance and repairs.

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