Types Of Roof Repair Services From Your Residential Roofing Contractor

Hearing the phrase roofing services may bring ideas of roofing installation and replacement to mind. You may not think of the many repair services that residential roofing contractors provide. There are many repair services a qualified residential roofer will offer. Here are some of those services and what you should know about each one. Keep in mind that most of these services start with a roof inspection to locate the specific issues for repair.

Storm Damage Repair

Storm damage is one of the leading causes of damage to roofing. Heavy winds and rain can rip off shingles as well as damage gutters. If the winds are strong enough, they can even detach flashing and ventilation. In more severe cases, hail storms can cause tears, dents, and scrapes in your shingles that will allow rust and water to settle in. If you have had a recent heavy storm and start to notice leaks, contact your roofing contractor. They will check for and perform storm damage repair as needed. 

Restoration Services

Roof restoration takes roof repairs to the next level. During a roof restoration, the contractor will perform several roofing services. For example, they may perform an inspection and then move on to roofing repairs. In some cases, there may be issues that require roofing replacement in parts of the roof system. The contractor will also deep clean the roof. This deep cleaning includes cleaning the roof as well as the gutters, ventilation vents, and skylights if those are part of the roof. 

Cleaning Services

You may not think of roof cleaning services as a part of repairs. However, it can be part of the repairs that are being done or have been done. It can also lead to finding repairs that otherwise would not be located easily. The roof cleaning service cleans the roof as well as the ventilation and gutter systems. The areas are cleaned with power washers, and gutters are cleared of any clogs or moss. If mold is found, it is also cleaned and removed. 

If you begin noticing problems with your roofing system, contact your residential roofing contractor. They will schedule an inspection to determine the full extent of your roof issues. Once the issue has been found, they will discuss the available roofing services that can help with your situation. If more than a small repair needs to be made, the contractor will discuss that with you at the time of your inspection. 

Reach out to a roofing contractor for more information.