Caring For An Older Shingle Roof To Extend Its Life

Is your shingle roof starting to look a little on the old side? The roof may still have a few years left, and in fact, if you care for it well at this stage, you might be able to extend its life a little. That's often well worth doing when you consider how much a roof replacement tends to cost. So how do you care for an older shingle roof? Here are a few top tips.

1. Make sure your gutters are totally clear.

Clogged gutters are never good for a roof, but they are particularly bad for older roofs. If the older roof already has some damage, a little extra water exposure due to clogged gutters can push it "over the edge" and lead to leaks. So, make sure you are cleaning your gutters routinely. Add some gutter guards if you have any trees overhanging your gutters.

2. Have it gently cleaned.

Don't attempt to power wash or clean your own roof. You may do more harm than good because of the power of the rushing water. Instead, have a roof care company that offers gentle cleaning come clean the roof. They will use methods that don't remove any additional granules from the shingles or contribute to their deterioration. Cleaning the roof will remove any beginnings of moss or algae growth before these organisms have a chance to take over and accelerate roof breakdown.

3. Sweep leaves off.

If you do not already have a long-handled roof broom, invest in one. Many home and garden stores carry them. Use the broom to sweep off any leaves that land on the roof in the fall. This will keep the leaves from trapping moisture against the roof, which will help it resist deterioration and last a little longer.

4. Upgrade your insulation.

This one may sound a little strange, but it is effective. Add another layer of insulation to the attic. This will help reduce the amount of heat that passes through the roof, which will help slow its rate of breakdown. If your current insulation is compacted, you may just want to pull it out and replace it.

If you take good care of your older roof, it should last longer. For additional tips, contact a roof care company in your area, such as Alpine Roofing. They may recommend some additional coatings or a special cleaning routine, depending on the way your roof looks.