4 Benefits Of Foam Roofing For Your Home's Flat Roof

Replacing a flat roof is usually a fairly quick process, but it may take time to choose the type of roofing material you want. You might want a built-up roof with gravel on the top, a membrane roof made of rubber or plastic, or a foam roof. Foam could be the right choice since it's attractive and durable. Here's why you should consider spray foam roofing for your home's flat roof.

Foam Roofing Eliminates Seam Leaks

One of the best advantages of spray foam roofing is that it doesn't have any seams. Other types of roofing have seams where membranes are patched together to cover the roof. Seams are always vulnerable to coming apart and causing a roof leak. This problem is eliminated with spray foam.

The foam is sprayed on in liquid form, and it moves and expands as it turns into foam and hardens. This allows the foam to cover your roof in one single piece, so there are no seams, even around pipes and other protrusions. That means you could experience fewer roof leaks and fewer repairs over the life of your roof.

Foam Roofing Uses Your Old Roofing As A Base

No matter what type of flat roof you have now, spray foam can go over the top of it. It might be necessary to cover the old roofing with cover boards first, but there is usually no need to tear off all the old roofing, and that can save you money.

The exception is if the old roof has water damage. This has to be repaired first, and if the damage is extensive, it may be necessary to pull off all of the old roofing to get rid of it before the new roof is installed.

A Silicone Coating Helps Your Home Stay Cooler

Once the spray foam has cured, the roofing contractor will top it with a silicone coating. This is needed to protect the foam from the sun so it has a longer life. Since the coating is white, it will reflect the sun. That keeps the roof and your attic cooler, and that could mean your home will be easier to keep cool and your power bills will be lower in the summer.

A Foam Roof Is Easy To Apply

A foam roof isn't complicated to put on since it is sprayed on like spray paint. The ease of installation helps control the costs of getting a foam flat roof. However, you'll want a roofer to put the foam on since careful preparation of the old roof is necessary, and it's important to guard against overspray so the foam doesn't get on other items like your car.

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