Why Prompt Roof Repairs Are Important After A Hurricane

Hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage. After a serious hurricane, you might be excited to see that your home is even standing afterward. But if the roof is damaged, you should not celebrate for too long. You really should call a roofing company ASAP. Here's why such prompt action is important.

The more water comes in, the more mold you'll get

If there is a hole in your roof or a leak, it is likely going to keep leaking until someone replaces the missing shingles or at least puts a tarp over it. The more water leaks through the roof, the more work you'll need to do to repair that water damage. You may end up with mold in your attic, which is a major pain to clean up. If you call a roofer ASAP, they can at least tarp the roof to stop the flow of water, giving you a chance to clean up any water that has leaked in.

You get the roof checked, structurally

Usually, damage to roofs is just superficial. The shingles are gone, but the roof deck underneath is still secure. However, you can't always tell whether there is damage to the roof deck just by looking superficially. The roof deck could be cracked, compromised, and on the verge of collapse without really looking like it. If you call a roofer ASAP, they will check the roof for structural soundness. This will reassure you of your own safety when you enter the home.

Your insurance might require it

Some insurance companies require that you have roof damage assessed within a certain time frame after a hurricane. If you wait longer than this, then your insurance may deny your claim or refuse to cover all of the damage. Acting quickly will satisfy your insurance company's requirements so you can get the shingle replacement work covered.

It's a good idea to talk to your roofer about your insurance coverage when they come out. If you have a list of what is and is not covered, show this to your roofer. They can use this as they walk through what damage they need to repair and all of their repair options.

If your home's roof is showing signs of hurricane damage, this is one of the first things to take care of. Call a roofing company, make some plans for an appointment, and see what they have to say. Your roof will be repaired before long. For more information, reach out to a shingle replacement service near you.