Are Wasps Causing Severe Roofing Damage? What To Do Today To Prevent Water Damage And More

If you have noticed an aggressive species of wasps coming in and out of your roof, and there are so many in the attic underneath the base of the roof you can go inside, you want to call the roofing professionals. Some wasps use wood to make their nests, and if you have many this means there could be many compromised areas.

Areas with holes leave the house susceptible to water and ice damage, along with areas for other types of pests to continue damaging the wood. Here are some things the roofing company will work to do quickly.

Assess the Damage

There are many different areas where the wasps could be getting into the wood and destroying the structure and base. These areas include:

  • Under shingles
  • In the attic
  • In flashing around chimneys
  • Behind the gutters

The roofing professional will come to assess where all the damage is throughout the roof, and how long it will take to do the repairs. The wasps must be removed from the roof to start repairs. If the roofing company cannot do this you will need assistance from pest control.

Repair the Wood

After assessing different areas of the wood structure and base, the roofing team will let you know if they can fill in the holes, or if the wood needs to be replaced. Some areas may be treated with some foam fill or wood fill, while others may need complete replacement to ensure that the roof isn't vulnerable to future damage.

New Shingles Over Damage

If the wasps have been getting to the wood under the shingles, you will want to have the area corrected with new asphalt shingles. If large areas are affected, consider having all the shingles replaced with new ones. This way you know that the roof is protected, and you can get the work done while they are already at your property.

Not only are the wasps damaging your roof and leaving the house at risk of different types of damage, but wasps can be dangerous for the family members and pets inside your home. This is why once you see the wasps flying in and out of the roof in several different areas, you don't want to delay getting the problem evaluated. Talk with the roofing professionals to see how bad the damage is, and then get the repairs started today.

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