Things To Discuss With A Commercial Built-Up Roofing Contractor Before You Get A New Roof

If you own a commercial building with a flat roof, you may want to talk to a roofer about putting on a new built-up roof before your old roof starts leaking. If you have a built-up roof now, you know what to expect from this type of commercial roofing. These roofs have been used for many years, and they have been proven to be durable and long lasting if you keep up with repairs. Here are some things you may want to discuss with a commercial built-up roofing contractor.

The Difference Between Hot And Cold Tar

Built-up roofing can be installed the traditional way with hot tar or the newer way with cold tar. The problem with using hot tar is that it gives off strong odors, and you may wish to avoid that if your employees will be working when you have the new roof installed.

Cold tar doesn't emit odors or toxic fumes, and it can be applied in almost any weather. It is more like a thick adhesive rather than a hot liquid, so it may even adhere better.

Your commercial built-up roofing contractor can help you choose the right application method. They both involve building layers of membranes sandwiched between layers of tar on the roof. The final layer is usually made of gravel that works to hold the built-up roof in place.

The Amount Of Maintenance Needed

If your old roof is a membrane roof or something else besides a built-up roof, you may wonder about how much maintenance your new roof will need. All roofs, including built-up roofs, need regular inspections and maintenance to catch problems early.

Some issues you might see include blisters, seams that have worked loose, and surface cracks. All of these problems are easy to repair, and repairs should be done promptly to reduce the risk of a roof leak.

Other than that, a built-up roof is durable and resistant to damage. This is due in part to the roof being covered in gravel. The layer of gravel protects against fire hazards and sun damage. Plus, the roofing is resistant to wind and water damage due to the several layers of membranes staggered across the roof.

While any type of roof will need repairs and maintenance over the years, built-up roofing is considered a lower maintenance roofing material that should last for many years. Its lifespan might be shorter in cold climates, but the commercial built-up roofing contractor might apply more layers of membranes to a roof in a cold climate to help it last longer.

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