Repairing A Roof That Has Damaged Asphalt Shingles

A homeowner might make the mistake of delaying a roof repair due to not knowing the extent of damage that the roof has. The disadvantage of waiting too long to repair a roof is that the repair expenses will usually get higher as time passes. It is actually in the best interest of a homeowner to make repairs as soon as the damage is noticed, such as a displaced asphalt shingle. If your asphalt shingle roof has been damaged for a long time, do not hesitate to call a roofer to inspect and determine the extent of repairs that are necessary. You might be able to notice the condition of your asphalt shingles before an inspection is performed as severe damage is often noticeable from the ground.

Signs of Asphalt Shingle Damage

If asphalt shingles are damaged to a certain extent, you might notice that there are granules all over the ground near your house. Granules are the parts of asphalt shingles that give them visual appeal and are also used to protect the roof deck. When there are a lot of granules on the ground, it means the shingles are in bad shape and unable to protect the roof deck. Another sign that your asphalt shingles are damaged is if they have begun to curl up on the edges.

Why Damaged Shingles Are a Concern

You should be concerned about the damaged shingles on your roof because the deck is at risk of deteriorating. For example, if the shingles are missing granules, rainwater can easily seep through onto the roof deck. Eventually, the water will cause the wood to soften up and develop holes. If there is not a leak inside your home already, you can expect one to develop if the damaged shingles are not replaced soon enough. Your biggest concern should be the possibility of your entire roof getting damaged and needing to be replaced due to damaged shingles.

Repairing a Roof with Asphalt Shingles

A roofer will let you know how many of the shingles on your roof must be replaced as you may only need to replace a few. If your roof needs new shingles, an affordable option is to get your roof reroofed. When a roof is reroofed, it involves installing new shingles over the old ones with minimal labor. However, it is wiser to get the old shingles removed so your roof will be more durable after the repair is performed.

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