Asphalt Roofing Damage Homeowners May Deal With

Asphalt is widely popular, so if you are in the middle of deciding which roofing material to go with, it is definitely a viable option. However, while asphalt roofing is affordable to purchase and install, it can develop different problems. Below are three asphalt roofing repair issues you may deal with:

Sun Damage

The sun can damage your roof in several different ways. For example, as the bitumen wears out over time, the asphalt shingles will likely begin changing color to a faded grey. Worn-out bitumen leaves the shingles exposed, causing them to start cracking as they cannot expand and contract effectively. In worst-case scenarios, the shingles may even break, leaving the underlayment exposed and shortening your roofing's lifespan. 

Fortunately, a roofing repair company can address this issue and prevent it from escalating to cause additional damage. In addition to fixing the damaged shingles, your roofer can apply sun repellant paint to your roofing. Although the paint is not completely sunproof, it can help protect the shingles from sun damage. To be effective, this repellent needs to be reapplied once it wears out.

Moisture Damage

Moisture is harmful to your asphalt shingles as it causes them to blister, which manifests as cracks or splits on the surface. If this issue is not addressed in time, water and snow may start seeping into your roof and compromise the integrity of your roof. Moreover, the shingles lose their protective granules, making them susceptible to deep cracks. Additionally, there may be mold growth, causing the roofing material to rot. 

Moisture can potentially reach your roof in various ways. For example, as heat from within your home rises, it tends to condense and change to a liquid once it reaches your roof. The liquid then dampens the asphalt shingles, especially if the roof is not well ventilated. Therefore, if you are experiencing moisture in your roofing, promptly consult a roof repair expert.

Foot Traffic Damage

It would be best if you didn't walk on your roof because it can result in physical damage. For instance, your shoe treads might scrape off the granules. As a result, your roof becomes less effective. Walking on your roof is also dangerous as you could slip and fall, especially if the shingles are wet. For your safety and the well-being of your roof, avoid walking on your roof and call a professional if any inspection or work needs to be performed.

There are numerous possible roofing problems, and unfortunately, some can be subtle and go unnoticed while causing damage. This is why it is essential that you hire a roof repair company to inspect it and fix any issues.

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