The Pros And Cons Of Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing

Architectural sheet metal roofing is very similar to metal roof panels. The biggest difference between metal roof panels and architectural sheet metal is that the metal panels have been rolled and formed to perfectly fit unique ornamental or architectural details on a roof, such as dormers, belfries, or cupolas. If you are looking to re-roof a roof with architectural details, you may be wondering if architectural sheet metal roofing is right for your project. Here are a few of the pros and cons associated with this roofing material.

The Cons of Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing

  • Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing Can Be Pricey

One of the biggest downsides associated with architectural sheet metal roofing is the cost. Generally speaking, metal roofing is pricey roofing material. Then, when you have to have it rolled, shaped, or formed to fit your architectural roofing elements, the cost only increases. One of the reasons why some people opt not to get sheet metal roofs is because they can be expensive. 

  • Matching New and Old Metal Is Challenging

The other disadvantage to architectural sheet metal roofing is that matching new and old metal can be challenging. If you ever need a repair made to your roof, the repair work will likely stick out like a sore thumb. This is because metal patinas and ages as it sits on a roof. Matching new metal roofing with old metal roofing in a seamless manner is very hard to accomplish. 

The Pros of Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing 

  • Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing Is Durable

One of the pros associated with architectural sheet metal roofing is that the material is extremely durable. Metal roofing can sustain strong wind gusts, can hold its shape during a hail storm, can withstand heavy rains, and is even fire-resistant. This makes it a great roofing choice, as it can be used in just about any climate or situation. 

  • There are Many Options When It Comes to Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing

The other benefit associated with architectural sheet metal roofing is that the metal roofing can be customized in a number of different ways. Different types of metal, including aluminum, steel, and copper can be used to create a metal roof. Metal roofing can be coated to increase energy-efficient or reflect the sun's UV rays. And metal can be painted or powder-coated to alter the color of the roof. With so many customizable options, architectural sheet metal roofing allows you to truly customize a roof for your building. 

As is the case with any roofing material, there are pros and cons when it comes to architectural sheet metal roofing. Learning about these pros and cons is the best way to educate yourself about the material, allowing you to make an educated decision as to whether this material is ideal for your roof. 

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