Top Signs You Should Replace Your Roof Completely Due To Storm Damage

If a bad storm has passed through your area recently, then your roof might have been impacted because of it. When you're dealing with a storm-damaged roof, it's sometimes difficult to determine what action you should take next. You might not be sure of whether you should have the storm damage repaired or if you should have a whole new roof installed. This can be a difficult decision to make, but these are a few signs that the latter option is going to be the best thing for you to do.

Repairs Will Be Very Expensive

One of the first things that you might have looked into after the storm passed might have been the cost of having your roof repaired. If you got an unpleasant surprise, then you should inquire about how much a roof replacement will cost. In some cases, you might find that replacing your roof will actually be cheaper than having it repaired. Even if the roof replacement will cost a little more, you may find the difference is not too significant. This could make a roof replacement worthwhile if you have the extra money in your budget.

Your Insurance Company Will Pay For It

If your storm-related roofing issues will be covered by your insurance company, you may want to talk to an insurance adjuster and determine what the insurance company will pay for. You may find that they will pay for a full roof replacement, and all you might have to worry about could be the deductible. This could be a good way to have a new roof installed on your home without having to pay out of pocket for it.

You're Worried About Future Storms

If your roof was seriously damaged in the storm that just passed through your area, you might be worried that other storms will cause even more damage, even if you have your roof repaired now. You might be worried that you might not have chosen the right roofing type for your area, for example. If this is a concern, replacing your roof with a roofing type that might be better able to withstand the storms that might be most common in your area could be a good thing to do. If you aren't sure of which roofs are best able to withstand storms, you may want to talk to a roofing professional. Someone who is familiar with the climate and weather threats in your area — whether they're wind storms, hurricanes, or snowstorms — should have some good recommendations about the best roofing type.

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