Cold Storage Roofs Have Unique Needs

When you are installing or replacing the roof for a cold storage building, it's important to understand that the needs of a cold storage building are very different from that of other types of commercial buildings. For this reason, you'll need the roof to be installed by a contractor who has experience installing roofs on cold storage buildings.

Unique Concerns with Cold Storage Buildings

With a traditional building, the air inside will try to escape outside. However, with a cold storage building, the heat from outside will try to enter the building. Not only can this lead to food spoiling, but it can also create more dangerous conditions for workers by causing ice to form. This can create a slip and fall hazard for workers. However, a properly installed commercial roof can prevent this from happening.

If you begin to notice ice forming in your building or if the cooling system does not seem to be operating as efficiently as you think it should, it is best to have your building inspected and to possibly bring a commercial roofing inspector to look at your roof.

The Roof Must Be Airtight and Vapor-Tight

An experienced commercial roofing contractor will make sure that there are no seams between the roof and the wall so that cold air will not escape. Usually, cold storage buildings start to develop problems when there is penetration between two materials. An example of this is a traditional metal deck that intersects with insulated panels. 

While a normal building can have insulation installed without care taken to make sure there are no gaps, this is not acceptable with a cold storage roof. Even if your cold storage building is one degree off, it can be disastrous for your products and can lead to lower profits as the lost product cuts into your bottom line. 

The Importance of Workmanship

Faulty workmanship is one of the most common reasons why cold storage roofs leak. Fortunately, when you are working with an experienced commercial roof contractor, they will know how to install a vapor barrier that cannot be penetrated and will keep your cold storage facility insulated. 

A commercial roof installation specialist will create specifications for your roof that are unique to your cold storage facility. They will create a proposal for your roof that will be highly detailed. Then, they will collaborate with the rest of your team to build the perfect roof for your facility.

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