PVC Roofing Is An Attractive And Durable Option When You Need A Commercial Roof Replacement

If you want a roof for your building that you don't have to spend a lot of time and money repairing as the years pass, then consider choosing PVC roofing. PVC roofs might cost a little more than some other types of commercial roofing, but they last longer and are more durable. Here are some benefits of choosing PVC for your commercial roof replacement.

PVC Roofing Is Watertight

Other types of membrane roofing have seams that are sealed with adhesive and tape. PVC roof seams are welded together with hot air. This makes the seams as strong as the rest of the roof, so the risk of a seam leak is low. If your roof is flat, you might have problems with ponding water occasionally. While this condition should be corrected, you at least won't have to worry about a PVC roof leaking, even if water puddles over a seam.

A PVC Roof Withstands Strong Winds

PVC roofs are suitable for areas prone to hurricanes, on buildings on hills, in areas without windbreaks, and on tall buildings. When you get a commercial roof replacement, the roof has to meet local codes that take into account the amount of wind your area might get. A PVC roof might even exceed these expectations, especially if the edges are mechanically fastened to the roof.

PVC roofing can be installed in different ways. While the seams are always heat sealed, the roofing material can be attached with adhesive, mechanical fasteners, or ballasts of some sort. Mechanical fasteners and ballasts ensure your roof stays snug against the roof and won't fly off during strong storms.

PVC Roofing Could Save Money On Cooling Bills

A nice side benefit of PVC roofing is that it reflects the sun. This helps your building stay cooler in the summer, especially if your building is in an urban area surrounded by concrete and other buildings that hold heat. By keeping your building a little cooler, your power bills might be lower in the summer, and the savings can mount up if you have a large building.

PVC Is A Durable Material

A PVC roof could last around a couple of decades because the material is so durable. Besides resisting wind and water, the roofing resists fire and chemical exposures. PVC roofs are also more puncture resistant than some other commercial roofs, and that means there will be less damage caused by foot traffic and debris impacts on the roof. PVC is ideal roofing for a commercial building with a flat or low-slope roof, and it even has an attractive appearance.