Roof Replacement Service: 4 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring

As a homeowner, you know that roofs do suffer wear and tear as the years go by. A worn-out roof can make your property unappealing, even to potential buyers should you wish to sell it. The good news is that roof replacement can help increase your home's value.

Even so, the installation has to be done by a professional lest you end up with low-quality roofing. Here are questions to ask your roof replacement service provider before hiring them.

Do You Have a Roofing Contractor License?

Roof replacement is not a task for anyone out there. Considering that this is an activity that involves operating from a rooftop, the slightest mistake can result in fatalities. That is why the authorities always advise homeowners to hire professional roof replacement service providers. 

In fact, most jurisdictions require one to be licensed before undertaking a roof replacement task. A roofing license will help you know whether the contractor has the skillset to get the job done right. Working with a licensed roofer also offers legal recourse in case things go wrong.

Do You Offer Roof Replacement Warranty?

A roof is an investment worth protecting. That explains why professional roof replacement services offer a warranty to their clients. A warranty will come in handy if there is something wrong with the roofing. Should the roofing not meet the promised standards, a warranty will help you get a refund or free repair services. It also shows that the contractor is reliable and willing to stand behind their services.

Do You Have a Physical Address?

Reputable roof replacement services operate from a physical location. Having a physical location means you will know where to go in case you need something addressed. Likewise, the roofing contractor should have a working phone number to help you reach them each time you are not around. 

Hiring a roofing replacement expert near you is a great idea. That way, you won't travel for long distances in case you need their services. 

Do You Have Employee Compensation Insurance?

As suggested earlier, roof replacement should only be handled by trained personnel due to the risks involved. In the unlikely event that a roofing contractor employee sustains injuries, you would not want the blame to fall on you. That's why it's crucial to hire roof replacement companies with employee compensation insurance.

Performing due diligence is vital when hiring a roof replacement contractor. Ask these critical questions to get the best roofing replacement services in town.