4 Factors Influencing the Cost of House Re-Roofing

Like most homeowners in your area, you'll be faced with the need to replace your roof at some point in the future. Replacing an old roof isn't cheap, but it doesn't have to be overly expensive. If you're concerned about how much your new roof could cost, you may be wondering what factors affect the total cost price. That way, you can choose the roofing solution that fits your budget best. 

The cost to re-roof a house depends on several factors. Outlined below are a few key factors that determine the cost of a residential roof replacement.

1. The Type of Roofing Material You Choose

Not all roofing materials are created equal. Each material has unique qualities, pros, and cons that affect its performance, durability, and beauty. Generally, higher-end roofing materials such as slate and architectural roof shingles increase the cost of a new roof due to their superior architectural value per square footage.

2. The Size of Your Roof

Roofers usually charge roof replacement labor costs based on the square footage of a roof and not the building's square footage. The more the square footage of your roof, the more it will cost to replace it.

3. The Design of Your Roof

There are many different types of roof designs for homes. Some designs are more complex than others, and therefore, cost more to build. For example, high-pitched roofs are favored for homes where aesthetics and rapid drainage of rain from the roof are top priorities. However, these roofs are generally more costly to install than flat roofs due to their steepness and intricate design.

4. The Cost to Tear Off and Replace

When re-roofing your house, you can either remove the old roofing material completely and replace it with a new one, or install the new roof directly over the existing one. The approach you take will depend on the building code requirements in your area, as well as the kind of roofing material you're replacing. It generally costs less to re-roof over an existing roof than to tear off and replace it due to the reduced amount of work involved.

The cost of a roof replacement job depends on a variety of factors, but it's not impossible to get an accurate estimate of how much the cost should be. Contact a roofing contractor near you to discuss your roofing needs and get a quote for your job.