Roof Installation Guide for Shake Roofing to Give Your Home a Custom Look

Wood roofing is an attractive premium material to use on homes. There are several options for shake roofing, but they all need to be installed the same way. Therefore, you want to prepare for the installation of shakes to give your home a custom look. The following roof installation guide will help you prepare for your shake roofing project:

Removing the Old Shingles

The old roofing on your home will need to be removed before installing shakes. The shingles need to be torn off to expose the old roof decking. You are going to have to repair the decking. Also, consider reinforcing areas like valleys that meet roof slopes. Inspect the surface of roof decking and repair any damage to the wood materials. You may also have to do minor repairs to the wood framing.

Installing the Underlayments for Shakes

Underlayments are important for shake roofs for several reasons. They protect the decking beneath roofing from moisture issues. They also help prevent moisture from getting trapped between shakes and causing damage. The underlayment options for modern shake roofing include:

  • Installing moisture barrier on wood decking
  • Install wood slats if needed for your shakes
  • Felt paper  moisture barriers between shakes

These underlayments will protect the roof decking beneath the shakes. Felt paper can be installed between each run of shakes too. This will help prevent moisture and debris problems.

Installation of the Wood Shake Roofing

The installation of the wood shake roofing is the next step in the process. There are several steps in the process of installing these wood shingles on your home. The following installation process will be done to install these new roofing materials:

  • Installing an ice barrier at the eaves and vulnerable areas
  • Starting the first starter row of shake roofing materials
  • Installing the shakes on the main roof area
  • Finishing cutting in shakes at valleys, ridges, and other areas

These are steps that will be followed for the installation of your shake roof. If you live in an area with a colder climate, you may want to install a reinforcement at the eaves. This needs to be done for the first row of shakes.

Caring for the New Shakes

Once the new shakes are installed, you'll need to take care of them over the years. This should start with cleaning them regularly. If the shakes do not have a sealant or stain, you may want to apply one. Make sure to use a sealant that is specially formulated for wood roofing materials. Avoid using pressure washing equipment on wood roofing because this can cause damage.

Shake roofing is a great way to give your home a custom look. It is an attractive material that will last for years with good care. Call a roof installation service and talk to them about planning a shake design for your home.