Algae On The Roof: A Problem You Should Address

Does your roof have black streaks running down it? Most people just assume this is staining from nails or the roofing material, but actually, it's algae. You most often see algae on tile roofs, but it can appear on a roof made from shingles or wood shakes, too. Regardless of what your roof is made from, it's a good idea to pursue algae removal. Here's a look at why and how you can go about this.

Why is algae removal important?

There are three main reasons to have algae removed from your roof.

1. Algae removal helps prevent the roof from deteriorating. When the algae growth is new, it is mostly a cosmetic problem. But if algae growth is allowed to continue unchecked, then the algae can start causing the roof material to break down and deteriorate prematurely, which could lead to leaks and the need for premature roof replacement.

2. Algae removal keeps your roof looking good. Those black streaks are not good for your home's curb appeal. This might bother your neighbors if they go to sell their home, and it will lower your home's value if you decide to put it on the market.

3. Algae removal keeps the rest of your home clean. If there's algae on your roof, it will be carried down the siding whenever it rains, leading to streaks on the siding. If you remove the algae from your roof, the siding will stay cleaner.

How do you have algae removed?

It's not a good idea to power wash your roof to remove algae, as this may ultimately make the roof surface more porous, which will make it easier for algae to grow back in the future. It's also not a good idea to use bleach to kill the algae, as this could damage the landscaping once the bleach runs off the roof.

Instead, you should have a roofing company come remove the algae using a soft wash technique. They'll use a specialized cleaner and gentle scrubbing equipment to remove the algae without damaging the roof or the landscape. Usually, they will follow this up by spraying the roof with a coating to prevent the algae from growing back.

Algae growth on the roof is a problem that will only get worse if you don't take care of it early on. Call a roofing company to ask about algae removed. Doing so will keep your roof healthy, keep your home value up, and protect your siding from staining.