2 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Business's Flat Roof

If you have recently acquired an older commercial building, you may be concerned about the flat roof because of its age. Because of this, you may be left wondering whether or not you should have a new one installed soon. If so, look for the signs discussed below that the building's old flat roof is in dire need of replacing.

1.  Water Starts to Pool on the Surface Even Though the Drainage System Is Working

One sign that your business building's flat roof needs to be replaced can be discovered either during or directly after a rainstorm has passed through your area. While it is raining, look at the surface to see if you find any puddles of water forming.

If you do find pooling water on the roof, first, make sure that the drains are free from debris. These drains are designed to allow water to flow off the roof so that it does not damage the surface.

If the drainage system seems to be clear, and if the areas of water are located in odd places that are nowhere near the drains, this is a sign that the roof itself is starting to dip down. If this is the case, there may already be water leaking underneath the roof and causing deterioration of the substrate, indicating that both it and the asphalt surface will need to be replaced.

2.  Surface Membrane of the Roof Starts to Bubble up in Several Areas

Another sign that your business's flat roof is damaged to the point that it needs to be replaced is when you start seeing bubbles form on the surface. These bubbles are caused when water becomes trapped under the surface membrane meant to protect the roof.  

Because this membrane has been compromised, the moisture that is seeping underneath it will quickly cause deterioration of the roof's asphalt material. Not only will these bubbles grow larger as time goes by, but the excess water will eventually start making its way underneath the roof and into the building to cause leaks.  

If water is pooling on the surface of the roof and shows signs of already infiltrating the surface membrane, it may not be long before your business's building starts to have leaks. Before this scenario happens, contact a company that offers commercial roofing installation services to have them perform a full inspection and discuss your options for replacing the old flat roof with a new one.

To learn more about commercial roofing, reach out to a local roofing contractor.