Tips When Having Residential Roofers Install A New Gutter System

Homes with gutters need them to work correctly so that water is dealt with appropriately. If your property's gutters are in bad shape, replacing them may be the only thing you can do. If you work with a roofing company in the following ways for new gutter installation, you can help avoid further issues. 

Have Company Measure First

Before you order a new gutter system, have the company carrying out the installation stop by and measure. They need to do this first so that you know how big the new gutter system needs to be for optimal performance.

The roofing company you hire will send out someone to gather these measurements quickly and accurately. They'll then give them to you so you'll know what dimensions the new gutters need to be. This service may be free since the company is already taking care of the installation.

Make Sure Downspouts Are High-Quality

An important component of this new gutter system is the downspout. It's the part at the bottom that directs water away from your property's landscaping and foundation. Since it is so important for the function of this gutter system, make sure you go with high-quality downspouts.

They need to be made up of weatherproof materials that will last throughout every season. That way, you won't be forced into chronic repairs that you probably don't have time for. Downspouts that extend also might be worth considering because they can distribute water farther away from your property.

Have the Installation Company Recycle Old Gutters

Dealing with the old gutter system on your roof can be difficult because it encompasses a lot of components and materials. Rather than getting rid of it yourself, just have the roofing company performing the setup take care of it.

They have specialized tools that can quickly remove fasteners keeping the old gutter system in place. They can also bring out large dump trucks to easily take away the old gutter system once it's properly taken off your property.

Finally, the professionals will be extra careful throughout this removal so as not to cause damage to integral roof structures that need to be in good condition for the new gutter system.

If your roof's current gutter system is no longer able to function well, approach new gutter installation carefully. For more information, about installing a new gutter system, talk to a residential roofing contractor in your area.