Reasons That Your Roof Might Need Better Venting

If your roofing contractor has climbed onto your roof to assess it in advance of an expected roofing job, he or she might indicate that your roof lacks proper venting. This doesn't necessarily mean that the roof is missing a vent — it could simply mean that the existing vent is too small and thus not providing proper airflow. Any reputable roofing contractor will quickly notice this issue and offer you a few solutions. They'll come with an added cost, but the cost of not dealing with this problem would be much more significant. Here are some reasons that your roof might need better venting.

Builder Cutting Corners

You'll occasionally run into a problem of your roof being inadequately vented because your builder cut corners. This is a difficult truth to accept, but the reality is that some builders look for ways to increase their profits using  unscrupulous methods and shortcuts. For example, instead of putting multiple vents into your roof, the builder may have only installed one in order to save the money on materials and labor. A good roofing contractor can install more vents to help you avoid future problems.

Previous Owner DIY Job

Some homeowners take matters into their own hands in an effort to save money, but this doesn't always result in the best job being done. It's possible that a previous owner of your home replaced an existing roof vent with a smaller one because he or she couldn't find the proper size of replacement, or perhaps even shingled over the spot where a vent was once located. By hiring a professional, you can catch these do-it-yourself blunders promptly before they lead to complications that cost you money.

Blocked Vents

Roof vents can sometimes get blocked by birds and other pests. If a bird has decided to build a nest around the vent, the feathers, twigs, and other materials can dramatically impede the flow of air through the vent. The result can be an attic that gets very humid because the nest is preventing the exchange of air. While cleaning or replacing the vent in question will be paramount, your roofing contractor may also advocate adding another vent as a way of allowing more air exchange to help dry out your attic faster. Regardless of the reason for your roof needing better venting, your local roofing professional can address the problem for you.

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