New And Improved Asphalt Roofing Systems: Benefits Of These New Systems

With the advancement and promotion of metal roofs and metal roofing systems, a lot of homeowners are steering away from traditional asphalt shingle roofs. Asphalt roofing companies, in an attempt to reclaim customers from metal roofing contractors, have stepped up to the challenge to improve asphalt roofing systems. Before you hire a contractor to replace your existing roof with a metal one, reconsider these improved asphalt systems. Here are some of the benefits of these new and improved asphalt roofing systems.

Greater Waterproofing

Instead of two or three layers under the shingles, newer asphalt roofs are using four layers of varying materials. This provides greater protection against rain, snow, and ice. In fact, this quadruple layer of protection matches, pound for pound, the waterproofing protection of a metal roof.

Ventilation Goes Through the Very Top

Maybe you have seen some of the more recent asphalt roofs after they are installed. There does not appear to be any attic fans or attic ventilation. This is because attics are vented through the ridgepoles of the roof, or the very top edges of the roof where the angled sections meet. Not only is this better for the overhaul health of your home, but it also prevents ice dams from forming because the escaping heat goes straight out the top and not through attic vents on the slopes of the roof.

Asphalt Shingles Have Been Re-Engineered for Durability

Once upon a time, asphalt shingles lasted maybe a decade, give or take a few years based on weather conditions in a decade. Asphalt shingle manufacturers have steadily been improving this process since then. Now, high-quality, top-of-the-line, re-engineered asphalt shingles can last up to thirty years. This means that, for the length of the remaining years in your home, you would never have to repair or replace your roof again (with the exception of a fire or a tornado).

Rubber Edging Prevents Water from Getting under the Eaves

Additionally, new edging around the eaves of your home stops ice, melted snow, and rain from getting underneath  that last row of shingles before the gutters. Acting as a sort wedged "squeegee" for your roof, it slicks off the water running down your roof and sends the water right into the gutters where it belongs. While the rest of your roof is protected by the four layers of roofing, the edges of your roof receive this extra rubber edging for long-lasting protection.