Building A New Detached Garage? What To Consider For The Roof

If you're tired of parking your car outdoors and an planning to construct a new detached garage on your property, you will need to make many decisions about how it is made. One area that you must put some thought into is the roof. Here are three things to consider when it comes to the roofing materials.

Pick A Roof That Matches Your Home

If your garage is going to be visible from the curb, you should really think about how the garage will complement your existing home. You may not want to stray too far away from the roofing material that is already on your house so that the two structures match. This can really help boost the overall curb appeal of this new structure, since it will help it look like it has always been a part of the home rather than a mismatched addition.

The type of material you use will play into how the garage itself is made. For instance, if you have a tile or slate roof on your home, the contractor building your garage should have additional reinforcement for the weight of this heavy roofing material. If you plan on using asphalt shingles, you will want a roof for the garage that is pitched rather than flat.

Pick A Roof That Has Functionality

The roof for the garage can also provide some additional functionality for your home rather than just protect the structure. How you want to use the roof can play into its overall construction and what roofing materials that you use.

For example, if you plan on working in your garage by welding, woodworking, or working with dangerous chemicals, a metal roof can help prevent a fire from spreading from the structure to your nearby home. Metal can also work great if you plan to collect water that falls on the garage in rain barrels, and then use it to water plants in a nearby garden.

If you have a small backyard and are worried about losing outdoor space, you can create a flat roof to create an outdoor roof deck. This will still give you the square footage for a place to enjoy outside, while still providing the garage you desire.

Constructing the roof on a new garage will require the help of a professional roofing contractor. Reach out to a company like SUNVEK for assistance on ideas for how to build it and the construction.