4 Warning Signs It's Time To Replace Your Roof

One of the last things you may want to hear is that you need a new roof. This is the key to having a home that works at its best level and allows you to feel secure in the process.  However, there are many warning signs that can alert you to the fact it may be time for a new roof. Knowing what to expect when it's time for this home improvement may be helpful to you.

Warning sign #1: Curling shingles

If you have asphalt shingles on your roof, you may notice some of these are beginning to look less than attractive. It's not uncommon for shingles to start to fall out of place or even curl up in some cases.

If you begin to see any of these situations, you can typically count on the need for a new roof soon.

Warning sign #2: Seeing the sunlight

One of the immediate signs that will indicate you need a new roof and fast is if you see sunlight coming through the top of your home. This could mean you have a serious issue and the key to avoiding significant problems is by putting in a new roof.

Warning sign #3: Granules in the gutter

Asphalt shingles have a lot of granules on these that should remain in place if your roof is in excellent condition. However, if you've had this item in place a very long time, you may begin to see granules in your gutters.

This means you'll need to replace your roof soon or you may begin to experience leaks in your home that could translate to water damage.

Warning sign #4: Leaks

One of the most telling times regarding the condition of your roof maybe when you have an excessive amount of rain in your area. If you begin to see water leaking during this time, it's a great idea to get in immediate touch with a roofing contractor.

Taking the time to do all you can to avoid any more pitfalls than necessary in life is sure to be ideal. The key to ensuring your home looks its best and remains in good shape is to take care of things as these are needed. For instance, replacing your roof at the appropriate time is certain to be to your advantage. Working with a roofing company in your area to accomplish this goal is the key to getting this task done. 

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