3 Roof Repair Tips To Help Stop Leaks After A Storm Has Damaged Your Home

When a storm causes damage to your roof, there may be some small leaks. These leaks can turn into bigger leaks and even bigger problems with water damage if repairs are neglected. Some of these smaller leaks are easy to repair on your own. Here are some roof repair tips to help you repair small leaks and prevent them from turning into bigger problems:

1. Patching Small Leaks and Punctures in Shingles

There are many small leaks that can be a problem after a storm damages your roof. Sometimes, these leaks do not get noticed until they cause serious water damage problems. Inspect your roof after storms and look for signs of these small leaks that need to be repaired.  Use common asphalt roofing cement to patch these small leaks and prevent water damage.

2. Replacing Shingles and Repairing Wind Damage

The roof of your home may also have problems with missing shingles, which you will want to replace. The missing shingles are caused by wind, so you will also want to look for other signs of wind damage that needs to be repaired if there are missing shingles. Some of the signs of wind damage that you will want to look for include tears and broken shingles. This is often visible on the tabs of shingles, and you will see lines where the shingles have been torn as the wind lifted them up.

3. Installing Tarps to Protect Damaged Areas

When there is storm damage to your roof, you will also want to install tarps to protect your roof from damage. The tarps can cover small damaged areas that you cannot repair on your own. It is best to use smaller tarps for different areas that have been damaged. This will make it easier to fasten tarps and seal them to keep water out. Wherever possible, fasten the tarps to the ridge of the roof to ensure that water cannot get beneath them. If you cannot fasten the tarp to the ridge, lift tabs of shingles and slide the top of the tarp beneath shingles to allow water to run off over the tarp and not under it.

These are some tips that will help with the repairs to small leaks when a storm has damaged your roof. Contact a roofing contractor at a company like Rainy Day Exteriors to help with some of these repairs to ensure that light storm damage does not turn into serious problems with water in your home.