New To Cold Weather? You May Need Asphalt Shingle Repair

Moving to a cold-weather environment from a warmer area presents a whole new range of challenges to the homeowner. Chief among them is the asphalt shingle problems caused by snow and ice dams. Understanding these dangers is crucial to protecting your new home.

Snow Seriously Affects Asphalt Shingles

Winter weather can be a beautiful new experience for someone who just moved to the area. Snow is a lot of fun for those who want to ski or snowboard and it creates a gorgeous look that you don't get in warmer areas. However, winter weather is terrible for asphalt roofs because the melting snow can get into the asphalt shingles, freeze, expand, and cause serious cracks and damage.

Homeowners who are new to the area may not be prepared for this kind of problem. As a result, it is possible that they may not take proactive steps to stop their roof from being damaged. Even worse, they may let ice dams form on their roof. These dangerous buildups can cause serious damage to asphalt shingles.

Ice Dams Can Also Form

Ice dams probably sound like a frightening situation to someone new to winter weather. And they are severely traumatic for your asphalt shingles. They occur when the snow melts and freezes on the roof. While they may look pretty to a person who is experiencing their first winter with snow, they are very damaging.

Even worse, they can break off and cause a flood of ice and water to flow off of your roof. When this happens, broken shingles are likely to come flying off of your roof. It may even seriously injure anyone who is standing beneath them. If you've ever heard of people getting killed by falling icicles, this is usually how it happens.

Understanding The Cost Investment

People new to a cold-weather environment may have never changed or repaired their asphalt shingles in the past. However, the damage that can be caused by snow and ice dams may make it necessary for them to do at least some repairs or a total replacement. Repairing a few shingles is likely to cost about $150 or so. However, it can cost as much as $280 to nearly $900 for some larger repairs.

This price is influenced by the cost of the shingles and the labor required to replace them. In some instances, homeowners can save themselves a little bit of money by replacing asphalt roofing materials on their own. However, this process is often a tricky and complicated one that may end up causing more problems than solutions.

So if you or someone you love is new to a cold-weather environment and has asphalt shingles, make sure to keep these important considerations in mind. You also need to make sure to talk to a professional roofing company like Emerald Roofing to get the help necessary for keeping your shingles in great order.