Three Times To Call It Quits And Get A New Roof

Roof leaks often mean an inspection and patch job in the spot where there are issues. When the leaks are happening more often than not, you may want to consider a more comprehensive action than just a patch job. Often, it can be difficult to determine the next steps if you have several leaks and other issues cropping up with your roof. For future reference, here are three times that you should call it quits on your old roof and get a new roof built on your home:

You are seeing too much water

Even if the water is not happening in large quantities, seeing water in too many places around your home is cause for concern. If you are noticing that there are places where the roof seems to be leaking in multiple rooms in the house, you should call a residential roofing company to get an inspection. If the inspection confirms that there are multiple leaks, it could be that the roof has structural issues. In this instance, it is best to have your roof rebuilt to ensure that your home remains in a good, safe condition. 

The roof is approaching its 20th birthday

Older roofs are typically at risk for developing issues. So much so, that there are insurance companies that will not allow a roof that is at or nearing two decades old to be insured. If the roof on your home is nearly 20 years and showing signs of issues, get a residential roof repair company to build a new roof. Although the roof may not be having too many issues at this moment, there is a chance that the roof could cave in or during a major storm event, the roof may not be able to hold up. Roof rebuilding every 20 years is a standard practice that will keep your home structure secure. 

Hurricane, tornado, or major storm damage

Many places in the U.S are subject to storm systems coming through their city. The number one worry is the safety of your family and the care of your home. Even newer homes that are in good condition can wind up sustaining damage. If the roof of your home took a beating during a weather event, getting the roof rebuilt will satisfy your insurance and keep your home safer during the next major weather change. Be sure to check with insurance to determine if a residential roof rebuild can be covered by insurance after a major storm.