Breaking Down A New Roof Confusion: 5 Steps To Help You Decide When To Replace Roofing

When is it time to have the shingles on your roof replaced? This is a question that confuses many homeowners because there are different factors that affect roofing materials. Damage from storms, a fallen tree or other causes may also impact the lifespan of asphalt shingles. Then, you have the limited warranty from the manufacture, which is rarely how long roofing will actually last. So, here are some simple steps to have you determine when shingles have reached the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced:

The Types of Warranties and Lifespan of Different Roofing Products

The asphalt shingles that are typically installed on roofs have different limited warranties. Usually, the cheapest are the single-tabbed shingles, which also have the lowest lifespan with a warranty of 5-to-10 years. Premium shingles that have different styles and designs, usually have a lifespan of up to 25-to-50 years. The most expensive shingles may have even longer warranties. As a rule of thumb, your warranty does not mean the shingles will last this long because there are other factors like environmental conditions or storm damage that is out of your control.

Repairs and Maintenance That Help Extend the Life of Shingles

While there are some damage and problems that are beyond your control, you do have control over getting repairs done. Make sure that maintenance to your roof is routine and have problems like minor storm damage or leaks repaired when they are needed. By having routine maintenance repairs done, you will greatly extend the life of your shingles.

When Damage from Storms, Trees, or Location Cause the Need for Replacement

The damage from storms and natural disasters is out of your control. High winds, heavy rains, and hail can cause severe damage to roofing. If the damage to your roof is only minor, such as a couple of shingles being blown off, then repairs are often the best solution. When the damage is extensive and large sections of roof need to be repaired, consider completely replacing the roof.

Routine Roof Inspections to Know When It Is Time to Have a Replacement Done

It is difficult to know when it is the right time for a roof replacement. Having a routine roof inspection done is a good way to find out if your roof is still in good shape. A professional roofing contractor will be able to identify any repairs that need to be done and recommend the best time for a roof replacement. As your roof ages, consider having an annual inspection done to avoid serious roofing problems that lead to structural damage.

The Roofing Problems That Mean It Is Time for A Roof Replacement on Your Home

The shingles on your home begin to show signs of their age as the years go by. When it is time for a roof replacement, there may be problems on your roof that include:

  • Leaks Around Boots and Flashing
  • Granules Wearing Off Shingles
  • Discolored and Deformed Shingles
  • Water and Structural Damage to Your Home

One of these problems could be just isolated issues on your roof, but usually any of these problems are the first signs that it is time for a roof replacement.

With regular maintenance and repairs when they are needed, roofing will last for years. To know when it is time for your roof to be replaced, contact a roofing contractor and have them do an inspection to know the condition of your roof.  

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