Slate Versus Tile...Which Material Should You Use For Your New Roof?

Whether your existing roof has experienced enough problems that the cost of repairs is likely to be too close to the cost of a new roof or you simply want to provide a new roof for your home, slate and tile are both popular choices. They share similar features and can be costly to purchase and install, but can last for many years with proper use and care.  Therefore, if you're torn between tile and slate for your new roof, it's a good idea to be aware of the following attributes and challenges of each choice. 

Understanding The Option Of Slate 

One of the most obvious reasons to favor slate is its appearance. Slate is aesthetically pleasing and can be obtained in a wide variety of hues, so you will have a lot of creative control over the final result. However, if pretty is as pretty does, you might also want to know that has reported that it can last for 150 years, given proper installation and maintenance. In addition, you might rest easier at night when you know that the roof over your head does well against intense heat, including that resulting from fires.

However, slate roofing experts are not always easy to find, so installation and repairs can be difficult to arrange. Unfortunately, the substance itself is quite expensive and heavy, which means that it's not an appropriate choice for all homeowners.

Considering The Use Of Tile

 Tile shares several features with slate. For instance, it's also a very heavy substance, although you can now find lighter weight versions of tile for roofing in some areas. In addition, it has recently been estimated that with appropriate care, some types of tile roofs can be expected to last at least 75 years. It's a great choice if you live in an area with very hot or very cold seasons, since it has superior insulative properties and over time can help you to reduce your heating and cooling costs. 

However, it's priced similarly to slate, which means that you might be one of only a few homes in your area with it. If you hire someone to work on your roof or any component on the roof, he or she must be very careful of the tile. That is because, while it survives well against the elements, it breaks easily under direct contact and cannot support much weight.    

In conclusion, tile and slate are both beautiful additions to any home and present with many benefits. As a result, any homeowner who is unsure as to which option is right for their needs will benefit from the above information. For more information, contact companies like MW Roofing LLC.