FAQs About Cleaning The Gutters

Even though gutters only need to be cleaned a couple of times a year, many homeowners neglect this task. Failing to clean the gutters is a crucial mistake that could have long-term consequences. If you have not been as attentive to your gutters as you should, here is what you need to know.  

Why Is Cleaning the Gutters Important?

Over time, your gutters can fill with leaves, dirt, and bugs. When the gutters fill, the water on your roof is unable to properly drain, which can create a host of issues.  

For instance, water buildup from improper drainage during snowy or icy weather could result in ice dams. The ice dams push melting ice and snow back onto your roof, which can force the shingles up. Once the water is under the shingles, it can destroy your roof and cause leaks. You could spend thousands on a new roof or extensive repairs.  

Clogged gutters could also have an impact on the siding of your home. The water eventually starts to overflow and trickle down your home. Instead of being neatly whisked away through the gutters and downspout, the water falls down the sides of your home and leaves dirty marks.  

The water buildup can even leave to damaged gutters. As the water weighs down on the gutters, they can start to pull away from the home. Not only could you be faced with repairs for the gutters, but also repairs for any items that are on the ground that are struck by the falling gutters.  

Should You Clean Them or Hire a Professional?

Although it is possible to clean your own gutters, there are several reasons that you should consider hiring a professional gutter service instead. For instance, cleaning the gutters means climbing on a ladder. With the use of the ladder comes a risk of falling. If you place your ladder in the wrong spot, there is also a risk of coming into contact with a power line.  

The ladder could also cause damage to your gutters. If the ladder is incorrectly placed, it can push into the surface of the gutters and cause dents that can impact their performance.  

Further, if you have an aversion to bugs, cleaning the gutters is not necessarily a challenge you want to take on. The gutters are filled with bugs and decaying leaves.  

Talk to a gutter pro to learn more about the importance of cleaning and maintaining your gutters.