Top 5 Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor Before Signing A Contractor

Having a new roof installed on your home is a major project and one that you want to make sure is done properly. After all, a quality roof construction can easily last for 15-20 years. Before you hire a contractor for your roofing installation job, however, there are some questions worth asking.

Are You Fully Licensed and Insured?

In most states, roofers are legally required to obtain a license in order to perform roofing jobs. If your state fits into this category, be sure that your roofer can provide you with a current license number. Furthermore, you'll want to find a roofer who has general liability insurance so that you're covered in the event that a roofer is injured on your property or if any accidental damage occurs to your property during the installation.

What's Included With the Quote You Provided?

Most roofers will provide a written estimate, so make sure to review it and find out exactly what's included versus what may cost you extra. For example, does your quote include the cost of removing your old roof and getting rid of the scraps? If not, then this could add several hundred dollars or more to your costs. Try to obtain an "all-in" quote that will cover everything related to your roofing project.

What Steps Will You Take to Protect Gutters and Landscaping?

Any reputable roofing contractor should have access to special tools that can be used to protect your home's gutters and other parts of the exterior while working. The same goes for landscaping; try to find a company that will cover any landscaping around the work site with tarps or take other preventative measures to avoid damaging flower beds and other landscaping components.

What if There's Inclement Weather While You're Working?

In the event of inclement weather (such as heavy rain) while your roofing team is working, a game plan should be in place to protect your home from water damage. Specifically, most roofers have tarpaulins or other types of covering to ensure that rainwater doesn't make its way into your home's attic or come into contact with the interior of your home.

Can You Provide a List of References?

Finally, be sure to obtain a list of recent references from the contractor and follow up with them to ensure they're legitimate. This is a great way to find out what other home owners have to say about their experience with the roofer.