Options to Give Your Home the Look of Shakes Without the Troubles of Wood Roofing

Shakes are a common wood roofing material that have been used for centuries. They also experience a lot of the problems that are usually associated with wood, such as rot, leaks, and damage to the shakes. Wood is also a fire hazard in dry climates. For these reasons, you may want to use a material on your roof that will not have these problems but will still give you the look of shakes. Here are some of the options to consider to give your home the look of wood roofing:

1. Modern Composite Materials to Give Your Roof the Look of Shakes

There are many composite materials available today for construction. The composites include roofing materials that are made from recycled plastics, rubber, and wood waste materials from mills. These materials have many benefits over real wood materials. These composite materials can look like shakes and have the benefit of being more durable and not rotting like wood materials. These materials may not be fire resistant, so they are not always ideal for the look of shakes in dry climates.

2. Metal and PVC Roofing Panels That Create the Look of Shake Roofing

Metal and PVC are other options that you may want to consider to give your home the look of shakes. For an affordable option, consider PVC panels with a pattern of shakes. Metal roofing panels or stamped materials will give you the best solution for a roof that is fire resistant, which may be one of the best materials for homes in dry climates where wood and other flammable materials cannot be used.  Metal is a material that has the highest fire-resistance rating.

3. Treated Wood That Is a Safer Alternative for Your Roof

Treated wood can also be a good alternative to conventional cedar shakes. Today, wood materials can be pressure treated for specific applications. The shakes can be treated with fire retardants, which will make them a good choice where fire is a concern. In wet climates, conventional treated lumber materials can be used for the shakes to make the resistant to fungus and rot. These materials can still be stained and have different colors to give you an attractive shake roof for your home.

These are some of the options for roofing to give your home the look of shakes without the problems of natural wood. Contact a residential roofing contractor like Drey Roofing to help with choosing the right materials for shakes for your new roof.