Seven Safety Suggestions When Repairing Your Roof

It is not uncommon to have some minor roofing repairs in the spring, after the windy weather and storms of winter. Before you climb on your roof to make necessary repairs, make sure that you put safety first. Your home's roof can be a dangerous place, so proceed with caution.

Seven safety suggestions when you repair your roof are:

  1. Sit down. If you plan on repairing the roof or replacing shingles, take a seat. Working in the awkward position required for roofing work causes muscle cramping and stiffness. Make things easy on yourself by buying a roofing seat for these long, tedious tasks.
  2. Find a friend. Don't ever work on roofing tasks independently; grab a friend to stay safe. Make sure that someone else is nearby to assist if you need something or have an emergency while working at a dangerous height.
  3. Keep tools close. It seems that most accidental falls during roofing involve reaching for tools during the job. If you want to keep your tools from sliding off a pitched roof, use a big piece of foam to lay your tools on; this will keep them in place and prevent them from sliding. You can find this inexpensive material at most crafting or fabric stores.
  4. Work in increments. Don't try to work too long at a time. Take frequent breaks to remain limber and comfortable during roofing work. Plan to work in short increments to keep from getting dizzy, stiff, or achy from working on this uneven surface.
  5. Stabilize your ladder. Another way to get hurt during roofing chores is by falling from your ladder. Use common sense when you secure and stabilize your ladder, and don't ever lean it against something like your home's gutters, which can break free and cause a fall.
  6. Keep cool. It can get hot working on a roof; be cognizant of the heat and stay hydrated. If you become over-heated, you may feel dizzy or nauseous, which increases the chance of a nasty fall.
  7. Hire a pro. Perhaps the safest approach for roofing repairs is to hire a professional to do it for you! Ask area roofing contractors or storm damage roof repair companies for evaluations and estimates to make your determination.

Put safety first when you face roofing repairs or shingle replacement. Even the simplest tasks are made more complicated and risky by the sheer height of your roof's surface; use these tips to ensure you are safe during these roofing chores.