Understanding Easily Overlooked Signs Of Roofing Damage

For homeowners unfamiliar with the signs of impending roof failure, problematic symptoms can go easily overlooked. Before you dismiss serious signs of damage due to your own unfamiliarity, read on to learn about some of the signs that you should always be attentive to.

The Roof Is Aging

Talk with a local roofing contractor about the type of roof that you have on your home and its life expectancy. Since every roofing material is rated for a different usable life, this is an important consideration. Depending on what kind of roof your home has, it could be rated for anywhere from 10 to 50 years or more. Once you understand the life expectancy of your roof, consider when it was installed to see if it's due for replacement due to age.

Shingle Damage

For shingle roofing, harsh weather conditions can be damaging. High wind, heavy rains, and hail can all damage your roof's shingles. Make a point to inspect the roofing shingles on a regular basis for signs of wear and tear. Any shingles that are loose or damaged will expose your home to the risk of leaks, water damage, and other issues.

Another similar problem occurs when roofing tiles curl or crack. It's most common with wood and tile roofing. These things occur as a result of age. The shingles weaken over time and need to be replaced when they reach this stage. Otherwise, those cracks and curls could expose the roof below and leave you at risk of serious damage.

Visible Granules

The granules that coat asphalt roofing shingles are designed for surface protection. Over time, as the shingles age, those granules begin to wear off. If you're finding asphalt shingle granules in your gutters or on your lawn, that's a warning sign that your shingles are aging and need to be replaced. As the granules wear, it will expose your shingles to the risk of weather damage and potential loss.

Exposed Roofing Nails

The nails used to secure roofing shingles in place should stay in place for the life of your roof. Unfortunately, harsh weather and the deterioration of your roofing shingle material can actually expose those nails and cause them to loosen. Whether you're struggling with loose or missing roofing nails, talk with a roofing contractor right away. Otherwise, you'll risk water damage and leaks from your roof.

Light Seeping Through The Roof

It's beneficial to examine your roof from the point of view of your attic periodically. When you do this, close the door completely so that it's as dark as possible in the space. Then, look at the roof area for any signs of light seeping into the attic. If there's any visible light, that's an indication of a hole in the roof that needs to be patched. These holes, while they may even be tiny, can put your home at risk of not only water damage, but also pest infestations. In addition, they can disrupt the balance of the ventilation system.

Damage To Walls

Your walls are another place that will show the signs of roofing damage. From peeling and blistering of paint to water damage showing on your interior walls, all of these things are causes of concern. Water damage is of particular worry because it can erode the structural stability of your home.

These are many of the most common indications of roofing damage that unfamiliar homeowners might overlook. Don't dismiss their importance if you see signs like this. Talk with a roofing contractor from a company like Century Roofing Company Inc right away about addressing the damage to keep your roof in optimal condition. He or she can even help you determine if it's time for a complete roofing makeover.