6 Roofing Mistakes You Must Avoid

The roof is one of the most important components of your home and should not be neglected. But whether it is worn shingles or leaks, roof problems can be very expensive to repair. If you recently bought your home and are not used to taking care of a roof, you might make a mistake without even realizing it. Here are six common roofing mistakes you must avoid in order to protect your investment:

Using a Pressure Washer

Whether you want to remove moss or just get your roof squeaky clean, you should avoid using a pressure washer. This device is very powerful and can successfully remove grime, but it can also do a lot of damage in the process. A pressure washer can actually blast the shingles right off your roof. According to Today's Homeowner, removing moss with a long handled scrub brush and diluted bleach can work well instead of using a pressure washer. If you want to try this method, scrub in a downward motion to avoid damaging the shingles. Do not clean the roof without gloves and eye protection, as the chemicals can be harmful.

Walking on the Roof

You should not walk on your roof unless it is absolutely necessary. Moving your feet around the roof will not just increase your risk of getting injured; you can also do damage to the roof. If your roof is pretty old, you can even break off the shingles.

Putting New Shingles On Top of Old Shingles

If it is time to put new shingles on your roof, you better remove the old ones first. If you attempt to layer new shingles on top of old ones, you can cause damage to the roof structure and the walls of your house. Removing old shingles will also give the roofing contractor a chance to look for any signs of damage on the roof.

Not Having Ventilation in Your Attic

Your attic can affect your roof more than you think. If your attic is not properly ventilated, the shingles can wear down faster and your roof will not have enough insulation. Attic ventilation is an investment, but it will reduce roof repairs in the future. If you do not know a lot about installing attic ventilation, you should hire a professional to do the job.

Not Maintaining the Gutters Properly

By now, you probably know that it is important to clean out your roof gutters periodically. However, you might not be doing it often enough or making mistakes during the process. For example, Gutter Helmet recommends cleaning the gutters at least twice a year. If you do it less often than that, you run the risk of leaves, twigs and other debris clogging the gutters. During the cleaning process, you should lean yourself away from the gutters to avoid damaging them. In addition, do not forget to check the gutters for holes and cracks after removing debris. If you find any problems, you need to get them fixed right away.

Not Getting Your Roof Inspected

Roof inspections are not something you should skip, even if your roof is pretty new. During one of these inspections, a roofing contractor will carefully look at your roof to make sure there are no serious issues. If the roofing inspector finds missing shingles, leaks or other issues, he will repair it as soon as possible. A roof inspection is definitely worth the cost because it can save you money on expensive repairs down the road.

To keep your roof in top shape, avoid making these common mistakes. If you ever think there is a problem with your roof, you should contact an experienced roof contractor, such as those at Bob Behrends Roofing & Gutters LLC, as soon as possible.