Is A Roof Replacement A Repair Or Improvement For Tax Purposes?

Finding out you need a whole new roof rather than just a simple patching job is stressful, but learning that you can deduct the costs in some way from your taxes can reduce the sting. There are two main types of home improvements that are used in tax calculations, and determining which category a roof replacement falls into also determines whether you can deduct the entire amount at once or have to spread out the cost over the lifespan of the home.

Need A New Roof? Why You Should Consider The Benefits Of A Rubber Roof

If you’re in need a new roof, but you don’t want to go with the same basic material, it’s time to move rubber to the top of your list. Rubber isn’t your basic roofing material. In fact, it goes above and beyond the traditional materials that you’re probably used to. For one thing, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. However, the benefits go beyond that. Here are four reasons why you need to choose rubber for your new roof.

Four Misconceptions Homeowners Have On Roofing Issues

The roof is one of the most important and expensive parts of your house. Therefore, you should not rely on misconceptions for your roof-maintenance issues. Here are some of the specific misconceptions you should watch out for: DIY Can Solve Most Roofing Problems DIY roofing can help you reign in your roofing maintenance costs, but the number of roofing projects you can safely execute as a nonprofessional is severely limited. As a novice, you probably don’t know how to cut shingles safely, how to nail shingles or how to install flashing.

How Installing A HVAC Unit On The Roof Can Damage The Roof

Rooftop HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems have their advantages, but they also present some challenges to your roof. Here are some of the complications you may face if you install an HVAC unit on the roof: Damage Due to Poor Installation The installation period presents the greatest risk to the roof, especially if the HVAC unit is being added to an existing roof. The installer has to make sure that the HVAC system’s parts are well coordinated with the rest of the roof systems including the drainage and electrical installations to prevent damage.

The Beauty Of Ceramic Roof Tiles

Renovating your roof is one of those major home upgrades that you might need to save up for. That is, it might take several years to pay for your new roof. That being said, replacing your roof is one of the best ways to add value to your property. A home with a new roof, regardless of what the materials, is going to be attractive to buyers and appraisers. Of course, there are certain products that are more cost effective than others.

3 Roof Repair Tips To Help Stop Leaks After A Storm Has Damaged Your Home

When a storm causes damage to your roof, there may be some small leaks. These leaks can turn into bigger leaks and even bigger problems with water damage if repairs are neglected. Some of these smaller leaks are easy to repair on your own. Here are some roof repair tips to help you repair small leaks and prevent them from turning into bigger problems: 1. Patching Small Leaks and Punctures in Shingles

New To Cold Weather? You May Need Asphalt Shingle Repair

Moving to a cold-weather environment from a warmer area presents a whole new range of challenges to the homeowner. Chief among them is the asphalt shingle problems caused by snow and ice dams. Understanding these dangers is crucial to protecting your new home. Snow Seriously Affects Asphalt Shingles Winter weather can be a beautiful new experience for someone who just moved to the area. Snow is a lot of fun for those who want to ski or snowboard and it creates a gorgeous look that you don’t get in warmer areas.

Why Tile Roofing Is A Great Option

Once you have come to the conclusion that it is time for a new roof, you might want to consider the option of tile roofing installation. If you are not familiar with this type of roofing, you will want to spend a little bit of time reviewing some of the many benefits that you would get with this type of roofing material. Those benefits include: The Color Holds For A Long Time

3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Metal Roof

If you’re thinking about replacing your home’s roof, there are many material types you can select from. Metal roofing, in particular, is widely used across the country. Before installing it on your roof, there are several questions you should ask first, such as: What Are the Advantages? There are many reasons you should consider metal roofing, as opposed to traditional shingles. For one, metal roofing is extremely durable. Since it has a long-lasting design, you don’t have to worry as much about replacement costs.

3 Tips For Professional Gutter Services

If you’re interested in keeping your building intact, you’ll need to do all you can to maintain its structure through some regular repairs. There are a lot of things you can do to keep your building structurally sound, but you’ll want to focus on keeping your gutters clean first and foremost. By capitalizing on the tips below, you’ll be able to get the help of pros who can install brand new gutters and help you maintain them.

Providing Clarity On Metal Roofing Beliefs

Metal roofs are extremely durable, but they have attracted a number of erroneous beliefs over the years. Here are some of the common myths people have about this roofing material: Metal Roofing Attract Lightning Some people believe that metal roofs are lightning magnets and having the material on their roof will expose them to many incidences of lightning strikes. Such people reason that this must be the case because metal is an electrical conductor and lightning is basically a bolt of electricity.

Three Times To Call It Quits And Get A New Roof

Roof leaks often mean an inspection and patch job in the spot where there are issues. When the leaks are happening more often than not, you may want to consider a more comprehensive action than just a patch job. Often, it can be difficult to determine the next steps if you have several leaks and other issues cropping up with your roof. For future reference, here are three times that you should call it quits on your old roof and get a new roof built on your home:

3 Big Reasons To Get A Roof Inspection Before Buying A House

Are you thinking about buying a house? Have you had the property appraised and inspected yet? When purchasing a home, it’s not uncommon for the buyer to assume that the basic inspection and appraisal that is required for the purchase is sufficient to spot any issues with the home. Although this is true for the most apparent problems, it is not always the best decision. There are a variety of reasons why you might want to hire a roof repair service to take a look at your roof and other individual house parts.

Wooden Or Compositie Fascia Boards

The fascia boards on your roofline are hugely important when it comes to both the style and structural integrity of your roof. That is, if your fascia boards are not in good condition, you could run into problems with a sagging roofline. Also, the fascia board is one of the most important pieces of trim around your home, so you want it to always look straight and brightly painted. Of course, the material that you choose for your fascia boards can have a huge impact on how difficult it is to keep them looking straight and clean.

Roofing And Storms: Get Ready For The Worst With These 3 Preparation Tips

Soon, storms will be causing damage to homes across the country. It does not matter if you home is inland, high winds can cause a lot of damage to the roof of your home. There are things that you need to do to prepare for the damage and get ready for emergency repairs. Here are some preparation tips to get your roof ready for the next storm: 1. Trimming Trees and Cleaning Debris That Cause Damage

Breaking Down A New Roof Confusion: 5 Steps To Help You Decide When To Replace Roofing

When is it time to have the shingles on your roof replaced? This is a question that confuses many homeowners because there are different factors that affect roofing materials. Damage from storms, a fallen tree or other causes may also impact the lifespan of asphalt shingles. Then, you have the limited warranty from the manufacture, which is rarely how long roofing will actually last. So, here are some simple steps to have you determine when shingles have reached the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced:

What Does a Roofing Contractor Look for During a Commercial Roofing Inspection?

It is recommended that you have your commercial roof inspected on a yearly basis. However, you may find yourself wondering what the roofing contractor is looking for as they walk around your roof. Here are a few of the things that a commercial roofer pays close attention to when they do a commercial roofing inspection.  Mold One of the things that a contractor is looking for during a roof inspection is mold.

Slate Versus Tile...Which Material Should You Use For Your New Roof?

Whether your existing roof has experienced enough problems that the cost of repairs is likely to be too close to the cost of a new roof or you simply want to provide a new roof for your home, slate and tile are both popular choices. They share similar features and can be costly to purchase and install, but can last for many years with proper use and care.  Therefore, if you’re torn between tile and slate for your new roof, it’s a good idea to be aware of the following attributes and challenges of each choice.

FAQs About Cleaning The Gutters

Even though gutters only need to be cleaned a couple of times a year, many homeowners neglect this task. Failing to clean the gutters is a crucial mistake that could have long-term consequences. If you have not been as attentive to your gutters as you should, here is what you need to know.   Why Is Cleaning the Gutters Important? Over time, your gutters can fill with leaves, dirt, and bugs.

A Guide To Buying And Owning A Slate Roof

In order to be sure that you can protect your home and keep its value very high, you will need to know when it’s necessary to purchase and install a new roof. There are a lot of roofing contractors who can tackle this kind of project, so by relying on some great tips, you’ll be able to hire them to assist you. Slate roofing is one of the best kinds of roofing that you can purchase, so consider these benefits of slate roofing, as you also get in touch with roofing professionals, like Three Rivers Roofing, who can help you.

Top 5 Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor Before Signing A Contractor

Having a new roof installed on your home is a major project and one that you want to make sure is done properly. After all, a quality roof construction can easily last for 15-20 years. Before you hire a contractor for your roofing installation job, however, there are some questions worth asking. Are You Fully Licensed and Insured? In most states, roofers are legally required to obtain a license in order to perform roofing jobs.

How A Metal Roof Could Save You Money

If you need to put a new roof on your home soon, you may want to consider going with a metal roof this time. A metal roof has several benefits over asphalt, and saving you money is one of them. It’s true a metal roof costs more up front, but over the life of the roof, you will save money. Here’s why. Metal Roofs Have A Long Life Asphalt roofs are the least expensive, but the trade-off is they have a short lifespan when compared to metal.

Does Your Home Have Hail Damage? Identify The Signs

When your car is damaged by hail, identifying the problem is very straightforward. You’ll have round dents that are in the car body after the storm passes, which are very simple to spot. In comparison, it is much harder to identify problems on an asphalt roof. Identifying damage is crucial since you’ll want to make roof repairs immediately to keep it in great condition. If you ignore the damage that is simple to fix now, know that it can eventually lead to leaks or structural damage.

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Save Money On A New Roof

You don’t want to put things off when you need a new roof. The situation can quickly go from bad to worse if a leak is involved. This can be especially stressful when you are looking at the cost for a new roof. Even so, there are a few money-saving mistakes you don’t want to make, because they will actually cost you more in the long run. #1: Re-roofing over the old shingles

2 Tips To Help You Prepare Your Flat Or Low-Sloped Roof For Winter

Your home’s roof protects you and your family from winter weather and harsh sun. It is important to take some time each fall to maintain and prepare your roof, flat or sloped, for winter’s snow and ice. Here are two tips to help you ready your flat or low-sloped roof for winter. Clean Debris From the Roof To prepare your roof for winter, the first task you should complete is cleaning debris and dirt from the roof.

Options to Give Your Home the Look of Shakes Without the Troubles of Wood Roofing

Shakes are a common wood roofing material that have been used for centuries. They also experience a lot of the problems that are usually associated with wood, such as rot, leaks, and damage to the shakes. Wood is also a fire hazard in dry climates. For these reasons, you may want to use a material on your roof that will not have these problems but will still give you the look of shakes.

3 Reasons To Have A Roofing Contractor Inspect Your Roof

One of the most important things that you can do in order to keep your roof in good shape for as long as possible is to have a roofing contractor inspect your roof periodically for various types of damage and issues. Listed below are three reasons to have a roofing contractor inspect your roof. Check For Seasonal Damage The primary reason to have a roofing contractor inspect your roof is to check for seasonal damage, particularly if you live in an area where you have a bad storm season.

Seven Safety Suggestions When Repairing Your Roof

It is not uncommon to have some minor roofing repairs in the spring, after the windy weather and storms of winter. Before you climb on your roof to make necessary repairs, make sure that you put safety first. Your home’s roof can be a dangerous place, so proceed with caution. Seven safety suggestions when you repair your roof are: Sit down. If you plan on repairing the roof or replacing shingles, take a seat.

5 Signs of Damage & Aging on Your Clay Tile Roof

Terracotta style clay tile roofing was very popular for years in the Southwest and other parts of the US, but now it’s less widely used because it requires quite a bit of maintenance over the years. If you’ve recently moved into a home with a clay tile roof and don’t know what condition it is in, you can check it for a few common signs of aging and damage. Look for these five signs your tile roof needs repairs or replacement.

7 Tips to Consider Before Putting Solar Panels on a Metal Roof

If you have a metal roof and you want solar panels, there are a few things to consider before installing your panels. To guide you through the process, here are some tips to help: 1. Schedule Any Needed Repairs Your solar panels will take up a lot of the space on your roof. It can be difficult to get around the panels to do roof repairs. Because of that, if your roof needs any repairs, you should address them before starting to install your solar panels.

Understanding Easily Overlooked Signs Of Roofing Damage

For homeowners unfamiliar with the signs of impending roof failure, problematic symptoms can go easily overlooked. Before you dismiss serious signs of damage due to your own unfamiliarity, read on to learn about some of the signs that you should always be attentive to. The Roof Is Aging Talk with a local roofing contractor about the type of roof that you have on your home and its life expectancy. Since every roofing material is rated for a different usable life, this is an important consideration.

How To Repair A Steel Roof

Steel roofs are meant to last, and longevity is one reason why the roofing material is often used on barns, garages, warehouses, and commercial buildings. Many homes now have metal roofs too, and the more inexpensive varieties have exposed seams. These seams can form rust, and the oxidation typically starts on and around the screws that hold the seams together. If you see rust around the screws, then you can repair the problem.

When Choosing Cheap Doesn't Pay: Common Vinyl Siding Problems

When you’re building a house or updating the exterior finishes, you can save money by choosing budget siding options. However, cheap siding can lead to problems down the road, and so choosing a higher quality siding is more important than you might initially think. Vinyl is a budget option for homeowners, but not all vinyl is created equally. If you get cheap plastic siding, here are some problems you can expect to face.

6 Roofing Mistakes You Must Avoid

The roof is one of the most important components of your home and should not be neglected. But whether it is worn shingles or leaks, roof problems can be very expensive to repair. If you recently bought your home and are not used to taking care of a roof, you might make a mistake without even realizing it. Here are six common roofing mistakes you must avoid in order to protect your investment:

Will Your Roof Be Cool?

If installing a new roof is in your plans for the near future, you probably have already begun exploring all of the many options that are on the market. You will have to decide on your materials, style, colors, and even your budget. But one of the things that you may not have considered is whether or not your finished roof will be cool once it is finished. Installing a cool roof will not necessarily cost you more upfront, but it could save you a lot over the lifetime of your roof.

How To Prepare Your Flat Or Low-Pitch Roof For Winter

If you live in an area that receives snow during the winter and your business has a flat or low-pitch roof, it is important to prepare and protect your roof from snow fall damage. A flat roof, or a roof with less than a 30 degree pitch–which is a rise of 4 inches per foot–creates a risk to your commercial property. When temperatures do not warm up enough to melt the snow off your roof after a snow storm, or the snow can not slide from your roof, the snow can create too much weight.

15 Roofing Terms To Know Before Your DIY Roofing Job

When it comes to any industry, there are a variety of industry-specific terms associated with it. If you are looking into having repairs done on your roof, or looking into doing your very own DIY roof project, there are a number of roofing specific terms that you need to know. Knowing these roofing specific terms will ensure that there isn’t confusion when you are working with your roofing contractor. Knowing these terms will also ensure you don’t get lost or confused by instructions if you are completing your own DIY roof project.

House Hunting 101 | How To Pre-Inspect A Roof Before Making An Offer And Paying For An Inspection

House hunting can be stressful. Whether you are buying your first home or your tenth, it is a complicated process. Not only do you need to like the home, but you also need to make sure that it is a good investment. The house needs to be in good location, be priced fairly, and be in good working order. Using a licensed realtor and a quality home inspector are the best tools you can have.

4 Ways To Keep Your Home's Exterior Cool In A Hot Climate

Your home protects you and your family from the high outside temperatures. With the right changes to your home’s exterior, you can increase the amount of protection your home gives you from the heat. Here are four ideas to help keep your home cool from the sun’s heat. Radiant Barrier Roof  Your home’s roof can receive heat from the sun all day. There are several things you can change with your roofing materials to reduce the amount of heat they absorb from the sun.

A New Roof May Be As Close As Your Homeowner's Policy

If you are a homeowner, and you need a new roof, you know this can be a major expense. The variance in the cost depends on the materials you choose to use. No matter how much the project is, if you do not have the funds on hand, you may have to turn to your homeowners insurance company to pay for it. Understanding what they may and may not pay, will keep you from having any unwelcome surprises.

Rooftop Equipment: 3 Things That Can Damage Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing consists of heavy duty material that is durable, but only to an extent. The material is designed to prevent water leakage through the roof to protect the interior of the building from getting damaged by weather elements. However, the material can be damaged, which could result in water leaks into the building. What types of things can cause damage to such a durable material? Here are 3. Improper installation of HVAC & other equipment

Putting On A Roof Goes Far Beyond Choosing Shingles

For most homeowners, putting a roof on your home is a once in a lifetime experience. If you choose the right roofing products, they should last you for the rest of the time you will live in your home. Where many homeowners make a mistake is just focusing on the shingles, or roofing materials that are going to be seen, and not putting enough thought in the other components that will not be seen.

Popular Commercial Roofing Membranes: A Quick Look At Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Membranes

So many commercial buildings are choosing to use single-ply thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membranes that they have become one of the fastest growing segments in the roofing industry. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with this material, now is the time. An Overview of TPO Membranes TPO membranes are made from ethylene propylene rubber and some filler materials like talc and carbon fiber, which add to is strength and durability. This type of roofing membrane can easily meet a wide range of design and need specifications of various buildings, and are offered in several different color options.